Work-life balance is a necessity to growing a successful business and building a happy life. It can be achieved by changing mindsets, identifying tipping points (i.e. reducing 17 hour workdays to 8 hours), and accepting a happy medium in lieu of seeking a perfect blend of work and personal life balance. Here are some techniques to consider.

1. Recognize that work plays a significant part in life.

Your business and your personal life are related and need to co-exist peacefully. Not only does owning a business feed your entrepreneurial spirit and give you a sense of achievement and pride, it pays the bills. It pays the mortgage, car payment, school tuitions, retirement plan and vacations. Adopting the right mindset allows small business owners to not only celebrate their achievements at work, but also to enjoy the fruits of their labor with much needed time off.

2. Know your support system.

A support system that works is consistent and will ground you through good times and bad. When you first started your business you will likely have a huge network of support. But over time many of those supporters will dwindle away. For most, family support is what remains. A family support system can energize you and become the driving force for your business success.

3. Develop a schedule for work and play.

Schedule a time for meetings and business goal setting. If you’re an early riser it’s great to get these done before the work day starts so you can dive right in to the work day with fewer distractions. Establish a cut off time to be done with work and spend time with your family and friends. Developing a schedule and sticking with it, is the key to establishing a true work life balance dichotomy.

4. Learn to breathe.

As small business owners we have to learn how to breathe. Not only is it required to live, breathing also allows you the opportunity to regroup to assess where you are and permits you to make appropriate decisions on what’s next. Learning how to breathe, or really how to deal with stress, removes the cloudiness from our minds and rejuvenates our thought process. The process of breathing includes letting go of the insignificant details that are only weighing us down.

5. Be present, consistent and accountable.

For business owners, being present requires being attentive at home, at work and during “free” time. The quality of being present makes a significant and positive impact on our surroundings.  Being consistent requires the realization that what we do each and everyday matters. Where we spend our time and energy has a direct connection to how successful we are.  Finally, when we hold ourselves accountable amazing and wonderful things happen.

By carving out time for family, friends, exercise and laughter, not only will you be more mentally and physically healthy, but your business will strive as well. Balance provides business owners with a sense of well-being and happiness allowing them the needed energy to tackle career goals.