By Daniel Wilson

Word processing software is essential for the vast majority of ventures. Today, office work requires fast sharing and convenient means for real-time collaboration. The second is caused by the growing trend of remote work. Here are five universal, scalable word processing apps for small companies.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free web-based service with a wide functionary for all major text editing needs. It offers a simple document sharing system in which writers can distribute access amongst groups and individuals. All edits are saved within revision history so that every contributor could see changes in chronological order. Modifications may be offered within the text or via the chat. Using the chat function, collaborators can select symbols, words, lines, and paragraphs to discuss every aspect.

Google Docs is a part of G-Suite, which means that its file system is Google Drive. It’s a highly convenient environment for archiving and sharing files via hundreds of partner platforms. Though the mobile version provides a slightly reduced list of features, it lets employees be flexible and office-independent.

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most recognized and pirated word processor. This giant underwent significant changes over the last few years and now presents a universal system. It may look too cumbersome for simple tasks, but it’s the only instrument able to fulfill even the highest typographical demands. It allows you to create all existing types of official documents and optimize the process with custom templates.

Similar to Google Docs, real-time co-authoring in this app is implemented on a high level, but you can’t involve people who don’t use the paid version to share access. On the other hand, it includes more options for fine editing. Google docs lag behind at this point.

3. Quip

This app is initially focused on cooperative document writing. Quip provides an original revision history bar that is useful when it comes to revising of edits by several authors. When you work on a paragraph, it becomes blocked for other collaborators to avoid inconveniences. In addition to inline comments, you can use the chatroom that is divided into directory and in-document feeds. You can archive finished conversations to clear up the feed for new data.

Quip is the most convenient for teams that need powerful communication means within a word processor. It combines simplicity of Google Docs with instant messaging benefits.

4. Zoho Writer

Zoho introduces a sophisticated vision of what a word processing app should look like. They focus on exceptional minimalism and intuitive approach. Both desktop and mobile versions offer many automated formatting and layout design templates. Over 350 default fonts are made compatible with any platform through code integration. It also provides simple tools for managing individual document security, including two-factor authentication.

You can distribute permissions not only for documents and directories but for specific paragraphs within docs too. Sharing features make it possible to send finalized files directly to WordPress and other specific custom platforms. With Adobe Sign and DocuSign integration, you can add signs from the database in a few taps. When it comes to mobile, Zoho Writer has the most user-friendly text editing interface so far.

5. iA Writer

This app was designed to avoid any distraction. It provides a basic minimum of formatting features along with the Focus Mode. It lets you select paragraphs or sentences to concentrate and polish them. It can also code parts of speech with color, which may come in handy for in-depth analysis of books, manuals, articles, and official documentation.

You can tie the app to iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive for automatic backups. Similarly to Zoho app, iA is perfect for direct WordPress blog posting. This app is far from being universal but may come as the best specialized solution.

Choosing a word processing solution, you have to consider potential changes in your company needs, staff training expenses, and long-term budgeting. Many users claim that Google Docs is a golden mean as it’s free for all and simple to learn. Don’t let the price confuse you. More costly tools may match your specific demands much better and save a lot of time in the long run.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos