By Hannah Hambleton

As a small business owner, you constantly need to create effective ways that help you get noticed, generating leads as well as loyal and engaged customers. It’s not an easy ask, especially when faced with online competition. The good news is WiFi marketing has the potential to transform your marketing strategy for your small business; increasing the visibility of your small business, as well as being able to offer a better, stand out experience for your customers.

We’ll show you six ways WiFi marketing will help your small business by giving you the tools to offer a valuable experience for your customers, giving your business the edge over your competition; as well as creating an engaged customer base.

What Exactly Is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is how businesses can communicate with customers through the free WiFi they offer when customers visit the business. Offering free, quality and secure WiFi to customers visiting your business shouldn’t be overlooked as a ‘nice extra;’ it’s absolutely essential for any small business to create a successful CRM strategy.

Reliable WiFi offered to your customers not only allows them to get connected while visiting you; it encourages them to stay for longer, buy more and be more engaged with your brand (this is particularly great for retail and hospitality businesses). Service-based business benefit too — as well as creating happy customers, you’ll also be able to collect important personal data from them when they log in, which is vital for creating a stellar, stand-out marketing strategy for your small business.

6 Ways WiFi Marketing Will Get Your Small Business Ahead of the Competition

1. WiFi makes it easy to capture data on your customers quickly.

As a small business owner, you’re probably short on time. WiFi marketing gives you an easy and streamlined way for you to capture valuable leads, segment these through a funnel and analyze important customer data. Simply ask your customers to share personal data such as name, address and email in return for a WiFi log on.

Customers are happy to share this information and you’ll quickly make any future communications from your small business much easier, saving you time, effort and ultimately, money.

2. Great WiFi makes your customers want to come back.

Every small business wants (and needs) loyal customers, and WiFi marketing is a great tool to make your customers want to keep coming back to your business. Offer reliable, easily accessible and high speed WiFi access at your business premises, shop or restaurant and you’ll soon create loyal customers. They’ll know they can rely on you to stay connected and you’ll be able to increase engagement with your business- it’s great for CRM.

3. You’ll quickly create an opted-in email marketing list.

Although social media is essential for any small business, email marketing is still an important tool in your marketing mix for lead generation. Collecting emails for WiFi log-in gives you instant access to an opted-in and engaged customer group open to marketing messages from your small business.

With this information you can send easily target, segmented and cost-effective marketing emails that responds to individual customer behavior. In addition, offering WiFi at your small business will constantly grow your list without too much effort.

4. You can embrace comparison shopping from your customers.

Online businesses can be seen to have it easier than their brick and mortar counterparts. They’re often cheaper, and as any small business owner knows, people love to compare online. Although offering WiFi might make it easier for your customers to find cheaper products, prices or services online, don’t overlook the fact that they’re visiting your business in the first place.

Offer free WiFi as part of highlighting a real-life, valuable experience and interaction with your small business that can’t just be met by the cheapest online prices.

5. Make your customers feel special with targeted offers.

All customers love to feel valued, and WiFi marketing makes this much easier to achieve for small businesses. When customers log-in to your WiFi, the personal data you capture gives you the tools to create personalized rewards, offers and communications for specific customers. If you know their birthday is coming up, send them a coupon for a free birthday drink or special birthday gift while they’re visiting your business; or send an email asking them for their thoughts on their last visit.

WiFi marketing makes this type of targeting easy, so you’ll be able to make your customers feel genuinely understood and appreciated, increasing levels of engagement and repeat business.

6. Use WiFi marketing to make your small business better.

As well as using customer data to make your marketing strategy more effective, you can also use it to make your business better too. Proximity data and beacon technology collected while your customer is online can be really useful to identify any changes needed in your business operation or location design.

You’ll be able to easily see how customers interact with certain areas in your business; for example, certain product stands, menu boards and window displays. This data will give you the tools to make informed changes to your small business, constantly creating the best experience possible for your customer.

To Wrap Up

To make your small business get noticed and stay ahead, you need to offer an awesome experience to every customer. WiFi marketing gives you the tools to achieve this, and it makes it easy too. Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store, data collected from WiFi will inform your marketing strategy, let you effectively segment and help you create loyal and engaged customers. 

It’s a great way to help your small business stand out against online competition, rewarding your customers for choosing your real-life business over an online store. Offering free WiFi to your customers is no longer just a nice thing to do; it’s essential for any small business.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos