By Bryan Orr

Launching our ideas can be scary. All the “What If’s” and “How To’s” start playing loudly in our heads. Maybe you look around at successful people and assume that they’ve always been awesome, extra special, and somehow did everything just right to get where they are. In reality, a majority of them will tell of a path peppered with difficulty and imperfections.

Below are some of the most common mistakes we can make in failing to launch.

We think that someone else can do a better job.

While that may be true, it shouldn’t be something that holds you back. There are many qualified people, but the special ingredient you can bring to the table is the desire to drive your idea to action and make it come to fruition. Do it!

We get stuck in “Idea Mode.”

It’s common to feel productive just thinking and/or talking about ideas. Don’t fool yourself. To make progress you need to be taking forward, actionable steps. Figure out what the next course of action is for you, and then do it. Commit yourself from the start to the finish.

We are terrified that our work isn’t good.

This may be one of the largest factors holding us back. We have expectations and are afraid of not meeting up to them. We freeze when an opportunity is before us and we may not have the perfect approach.

The knowledge that your work isn’t the best should not deter you, it should encourage you that your taste for quality is high enough that you know the difference. The only way you can meet your own standard is to do it enough that you actually become who you want to be.

We try to mirror the image of another.

One of the surest ways to fail in our lives is trying to live someone else’s life. While you can gain much wisdom and inspiration from other’s opinions and successes in business, you are YOU. Be the best version of yourself.

I had a conversation with Bryan Harris, founder of Videofruit. What I love about Bryan’s story is that he’s an everyday sort of joe like many of us, who took ACTION and has been truly successful.

One of the tips he has for entrepreneurs is this: “Break the Seal”. What does that mean? Bryan reminds us that starting something takes the most energy right at the beginning, once you “break the seal” you’re out there and the momentum is behind you to keep you going. That initial “breaking the seal moment” may be tiresome and difficult, but it’s key to launching and success.

Don’t allow the fear of failing cause you to fail at launching. Go launch and remember:

  1. Don’t over analyze whether you’re the best possible person for the job.
  2. Be committed from start to finish.
  3. Allow your failures to educate you, not bring you down.
  4. Be the best version of yourself.