By Natalie Green

Recently, Valuator and DigitalExits used the sales of over 7000 businesses to come up with a useful infographic that will help us get an estimate on how much our businesses are worth. At first, most people think figuring out the value of their business is a painful and long process, but really, getting an approximate number isn’t as hard as you would think.

By going over this infographic, you will be able to check out certain business types and what the average multiple they were sold for. For example, out of all of the business sales from last year, 54% were retail. The average multiple of retail businesses were about 2.5, which means that if your retail business was making around $100k a year, then it would be worth around $250k. While this might just be a rough estimate, it helps us understand what our businesses are worth.

What Is Your Business Worth? [Infographic]