By Bernadine Racoma

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Increased productivity is one of the goals of many businesses. Affordable tech tools allow for easy access and user-friendly interfaces that simplify many business processes. If your company does not invest in the right tools to streamline tasks, you risk wasting money paying for hours of work which you can simplify through these tools. Much of the daily work involved in communication like making phone calls creates bottlenecks and challenges which you can solve through the help of these business tech tools.

Here is a guide to the essential tools every business should consider investing in which will make business operations faster, simpler, and cheaper for the company.

VoIP Phone System

Every day is different for companies. There are busy days and downtime but regardless of the amount of work, a constant fixture in any company’s day to day operations is a phone. If your company is still stuck using a traditional phone system, you are missing out on the convenience of using a VoIP phone. In choosing the best VoIP service for business, you need to look for features which will optimize the current communication needs of your company. Aside from merging your phone system with the internet, which you already use in the first place, below are some of the benefits you can expect from a VoIP service:

  • Route phone calls to any internet-capable device.
  • Access call recordings and voicemail from your email account.
  • Assign individual extensions for each user so that clients reach who they want to talk to right away.

Switching to VoIP does not require additional hardware. Setting up also takes minutes and won’t cause a massive disruption in your business operations.

Live Chat Service

You probably noticed that many company websites today already have a chat function. Every new visitor to a business website appreciates this function and even repeat clients are more satisfied with this tool. A live chat function is more convenient than calling customer support. Clients can ask questions about a product or service they are interested in while also doing other things on their computer. This tool helps retention and pushes your company ahead of the competition.

Although a customer support line is still essential for personalized service, augmenting it with live chat minimizes the possibility of website visitors from browsing elsewhere if they can’t find answers to their questions.

Cloud-Based Content Management

Hosting company applications in the cloud is slowly becoming the norm for companies. Any business that has not considered some form of cloud computing is missing out on its benefits. There are many features of the cloud which can reduce complicated office tasks. For example, filing and archiving documents through the cloud eliminates the need for manual storage. Cloud services also allow scaling wherein you can increase storage capacity along with the requirements of your company.

There are different types of cloud computing options. Depending on how many of your business processes you would like to convert to a cloud-based system, cloud providers can custom-design a service for you.