By Emily Suess

If you’re eager to use video to market your small business but are short on time and money, the popular six-second video sharing site, Vine could be the answer. The social site touts itself as a way to “create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way.”

Vine is ideal for promoting a product or service as well as connecting your team with customers. The quick, in-the-moment fun of Vine can be an advantage. It works with the built-in camera on your smart device, so there’s no need to buy expensive video equipment and professional editing is not required.

On the flip side, however, six seconds isn’t a lot time to work with. You have to tell your story–and tell it well–at lightning speed. Getting the hang of creating great videos can take a little practice.

Setting Up Vine

Getting started with Vine social marketing is fairly simple. Just download the app to your mobile device, set up a new account, and start recording. You can share your videos anywhere, including Twitter and Facebook.

5 Vine Marketing Ideas

1. Make your video educational.

A six-second how-to video works really well. You can also share a fun fact or demonstrate how your product works. Like this example from the folks who make Oreos:

2. Introduce your team.

Share a humorous or candid moment with your followers and introduce them to your employees. This is a great way to make your brand feel more personal and engaging. Take a look at how does customer support:

3. Entertain your followers.

Give people something amazing to look at, and your chances of creating a viral video increase. The more your video is shared, the better! Check out this great example from Dunkin’ Donuts:

4. Go behind the scenes.

Let people see something they wouldn’t otherwise get to see. For example, watch how Etsy celebrates reaching 25 million members:

5. Make it a challenge.

Don’t forget that social videos are made for engagement. Come up with your own spin on the Ice Bucket Challenge, and invite viewers to join in the fun and post their video responses to the challenge. ASOS has the idea:

Maximize Vine for Marketing

Once you have created your video, you should take a few extra steps to maximize its marketing value before sharing. First, add your logo or make sure it’s visible within the video.

Second, use a relevant hashtag when sharing the video. This will make it easier to share and search for related social content. The right hashtag also increases your chances of showing up on lists of trending content.

Finally, incorporate a call to action with your Vine video that encourages viewers to click through to a targeted landing page on your website. Whether you set out to entertain or inform, all videos should ultimately encourage people to learn more about your business and, fingers crossed, make a purchase.