No, not really.  In fact, video testimonials can be very beneficial to the person in front of the camera.  And as they’ve become standard features on laptops, smartphones and tablets, it’s becoming more and more accessible to just about anyone who’s willing to invest 30-60 seconds.

Recording a testimonial can benefit you significantly. Why? Because if the video you record gets placed on a website or social media property, it’s free exposure for your brand. So, in the process of recording your testimonial, why not take the opportunity to pitch your product or service?

A Simple Script

Here’s an easy-to-follow script you can use when recording your next video testimonial:

Hi, I’m {state your name} and I’m the {state your position} at {state your company}.

{state your company} specializes in {give your best elevator pitch}.

We’ve used {state my company name} for {state the services I offered}.  We were thrilled to work the did because {state the reasons we helped you}. 

I’d highly recommend {state my company name} to anyone looking to achieve similar results.

Not so bad, right?  In roughly 30 seconds, you could easily record a video testimonial that also acts as an elevator pitch for the products and/or services you offer.  Think of the exposure you’d receive when placed on a popular website, Facebook fan page or LinkedIn company page?

Quick Tips for Great Results

Maybe you’re leveraging an online platform like Bravo to record your video testimonial the easy way.  Or maybe you’re using Facetime or Skype.  Either way, you’ll want to do everything possible to generate a great looking video.  But this can be difficult at times, especially when you’re using the built-in camera on your device.

Here are a few useful tips to get you started:

  1. Avoid bad positioning.  If your camera’s placement is too low, people will hear you talk but they may be looking at the bottom of your chin. Trust me, this is never a flattering angle!  Data suggests that audiences feel more comfortable when they’re being talked to at eye level.
  2. Avoid dark rooms.  If the overhead light in the room isn’t providing enough light, go outside for some natural sunlight. If you’re recording at night, place a lamp nearby. You’ll want to position it in from of you, so it lights up your best features.
  3. Avoid noisy environments.  This refers to both audible and visual noise. Coffee shops are a big no-no here.  Choose a quiet environment so your message is heard clearly, and make sure the area behind you is clean and uncluttered.
  4. Keep your messaging tight, with a conversational tone.  Figure out what you want to say and whatever you do, don’t repeat yourself. Try practicing a few times off-camera first. Try to use a conversational tone – the same one you’d use if someone were standing right in front of you.
  5. Keep it short, and remember to smile.  I wouldn’t recommend going any longer than 60 seconds.  That’s a long time for someone to watch – especially if you aren’t the most charismatic person in town.  And by all means, remember to smile!  Audiences will warm up to a nice, friendly smile while forgiving you for the smaller mistakes.

So there you have it.  Video is quickly becoming the most popular medium on the web.  In fact, a recent report by comScore suggests that online video increases consumer preferences by 25%.  So why not get your feet wet?  Recording a simple, short testimonial for a vendor/partner can be a great place to start.  Who knows, you may even benefit by soaking up that additional exposure you’ve been looking for.