By Corina Joseph

Have you marketed your products and wondered why you did not get the desired results from your targeted audience? You are not getting fruitful results because you might not be taking advantage of video marketing in your business. Moreover, there are 93% of businesses who luckily got a new base of customers because of a video on social channels.

There are multiple methods of communications to market your products or services, but not all are worthwhile. Among other marketing strategies, I have found video marketing to be the most influential and result-driven one, as it generates the most revenue and followers. Also, it helps in winning the lion’s share of the audience.

Here I am sharing five effective ways you get the maximum benefit out of your video marketing.

Craft Short, Crisp & Impactful Videos

Ever wondered how you can quickly and easily increase your site conversion rate?  If yes, then crafting crisp, compelling and short videos is the exact answer you need. Adding a video on any product or service landing page can increase your chances to accelerate conversions by 80%, as stated by HubSpot. That is how powerful video marketing is if you do it the right way.

Your audience is more likely to engage by the video content they see rather than static long paragraphs of text explaining about the company’s market offerings. The merit of crafting videos is it builds your business authority while it also develops consumer’s trust in your brand.

Increase Email Click-Through-Rate via Videos

Are you tired of writing thousands of textual emails and still failing to get more subscribers? One reason could be you are doing it the old way. The competition is tough as the market is filled with brands offering competing products or services. If you keep implementing the same email marketing methods you will be beaten by your rivals. You need to be creative in the way you communicate with your audience.

Video emails enable you to entice audience attention and help you get even more subscribers to your business. Also, it enables you to perform better in less time — videos are relatively short and inform viewers exactly how your product/service will benefit them. Moreover, the visual aura of the video makes it easy to penetrate deeply in the market. If the viewer likes the ideas you have presented in the video you can get the benefit of getting your video shared across multiple platforms in just one click.

  • Make sure you put the word video in the “subject line” when sending the email.
  • Always add a call-to-action in your video to get the maximum benefit.
  • Make sure you add a personal touch in your video that makes it even more impactful.
  • Do not make your video autoplay.
  • Make use of customer testimonials in your video to build trust.

Build Credibility on Search Engines

You can build trust and authority on search engines by creating effective videos on top-tier search engines, for instance, YouTube which is the second mega engine after Google. If you create exclusive videos for your brand to market the products or services, you will be able to get more engagement and viewers on your videos. Thereby, giving the search engines a signal of your business credibility. You need to create videos that go viral instantly while enhancing your brand awareness. The good part is you can increase your business visibility via videos that will help you get more business worldwide.

Increase Your Social Presence

Brands who have been successful internationally have great social coverage for their brands on social media. They have an enormous base of loyal followers over the top-notch social platforms that are related to their business. Viewers are more likely to share the branded video content with their family, friends, and coworkers to let them know what they find appealing. You too can maximize your social media presence by creating informational videos that directly resonate with your audience.

Use Custom Graphics in Videos

Good design is imperative to your business success. Graphics plays a crucial role as it makes you represent your business in a more creative way while enhancing your business recognition. You cannot risk your brand image thus you need to ensure you create influential videos. You can take help from professional video makers who possess exceptional graphic designing skills that makes your video outperform. Be it explainer video, 2D or 3D animated videos, etc. you need to create a masterpiece that makes your business stand out.

Key Takeaway

In this fast-paced world of extreme competition, video marketing is one way to give your business an edge. All you need to do is to craft videos that directly resonate with viewers while answering audience questions. Video marketing is going to have a strong reach worldwide as it is the most preferred medium of communication used by expert marketers. In short, videos help you attract the audience, influence audience emotions and provides them with the value that altogether keeps them loyal to your brand. 

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos