By Chris Breaux 

This post is sponsored by Simply Plastics.

Businesses of all different sizes will be aware of the pressure to take a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to their workplace processes. While individual efforts to recycle and use less plastic are beneficial, making those changes on a business-level can make a significant impact. Here are some tips on how to be smarter about plastic use in the office.

Opt for Durable Alternatives

There’s no denying that plastic is a useful and commonly-chosen material for companies – it’s cheap and can be moulded into a vast array of applications. But by simply making the switch to a more durable version, such as acrylic or polycarbonate, businesses can make use of plastic for a much longer period of time that will reduce the need to replace items so often.

For example, table tops, bathroom wall cladding and kitchen splashback protectors can all be made from acrylic sheeting such as that found at Simply Plastics and will last for many years without deteriorating in quality. Acrylic has a long lifespan and is completely recyclable to be used in other plastic materials in the future, reducing waste even further.  

Provide Filtered Tap Water

Single-use plastic like water bottles are among the most common items washing up from oceans and filling landfills. If there’s one area that businesses can be more responsible about in terms of plastic use, it’s reducing how much single-use plastic they put out into the world.

By installing a water filter on the office kitchen tap, employees won’t need to use bottled water and can just fill up a glass or reusable bottle for free – it not only helps the planet, but it also saves everyone money for a small one-off expense.

Replace Disposables with Reusables

Kitchens and canteens often rely on disposable cutlery and plates as a way of saving time, but in modern businesses there is no place for disposables. Single-use plastic is harmful to the planet and doesn’t ever go away, even if it’s no longer in the immediate vicinity. Opting for reusable and washable items instead and providing facilities for washing them or encouraging staff to bring their own that they can then take home with them, will remove the need for plastic and will also save the company money over time. 

Install Recycling Stations Around the Office

Many companies feel helpless when it comes to plastic packaging for items they need from suppliers, or from products that they sell as a part of their business. But one way to be more mindful of the plastic consumption is to set up recycling stations around the office building to make it easy for staff to get rid of the plastic in an eco-friendlier way. It can even be beneficial to speak to suppliers and ask if there is a way of reducing the amount of plastic packaging they use to cut down on your plastic footprint as a business, or finding suppliers who use plastic alternatives instead.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos