By Kristin Mortis

Currently, email marketing is a vital form of digital marketing. We are already aware of the high ROI that email marketing brings. Triggered emails can also significantly influence the success of your email campaigns.            

These emails can be powerful tools to drive conversations and increase engagement. They are customized messages that get triggered whenever a customer takes particular decisions. 

An astounding number of statistics show that triggered emails play a huge part in influencing the click-through and open rate of email marketing campaigns which is indispensable for its success.


So, how do you get opens and click-throughs from your emails? In this article, we explore 10 triggered email campaigns to help you do just that.

1. Welcome

Your first triggered email campaign should entice your subscribers to make their very first purchase. You can do this through welcome campaigns. They are triggered emails that are sent to your subscribers whenever they sign up for your email list. These are very helpful in easing your subscribers to conversion. 

Your welcome email should properly sell your brand, highlight key products, and explain the advantages of engaging with your email campaigns. Include a welcome discount to make a good first impression. 

In comparison to promotional emails, welcome emails garner an impressive 320% more revenue per email basis. 

Check the below welcome email sent by BBC:

Description: Example of a welcome email from the BBC

2. Transactional

Sometimes customers go through buyer’s remorse after purchasing from you. Post-purchase marketing tactics can help resolve this and triggered emails are an effective measure for this. Sending triggered transactional emails after a purchase is completed is an example of this. Your customers can confirm their order delivery or provide details. It is an effective method of making your customers feel good about the purchase so that they will be encouraged to come back again. 

Description: C:\Users\Vinay S\Downloads\transactional-email-walmart-843x1024.jpg

3. Cross-Sell

Cross-selling is an effective tactic of encouraging your customers to ‘get the most’ from their purchase. Whenever your customer makes a purchase, cross-selling emails are triggered to recommend similar products in line with their previous purchase. It is one of the best ways of increasing the lifetime value of your customers. 

4. Upsell

If you want to increase the lifetime value of your customers, upsell is also a great approach. Just like cross-selling, upsells also take place whenever your customers initiate a purchase. This approach makes product recommendations of higher value related products, enticing your customers to spend more money. 

Data shows that upselling actually works 20x more than cross-selling. If a client has a product in mind, there is not much that can sway his interest. However, if a product or service is recommended that can make his first purchase better, your customer will find it hard to ignore it. 

5. Reviews

Having reviews are a great way of removing purchase barriers from your clients and displaying the authenticity and reliability of your brand. Requesting your customers to review their purchase also encourages engagement and they will become more invested with your brand. It generates positive brand sentiment and shows your customers that you care about their response and experience. This increases the likelihood of additional purchases. 

It is essential that you get the timing right. Provide your customers with enough time to try out their products. 

Description: C:\Users\Vinay S\Downloads\screenshot-1.png

6. Referrals

If you want to increase your brand’s customer base, requesting your customers to invite their friends is a wonderful strategy. Data shows that an impressive 92% of customers trust referrals from people they know. So, if your loyal customers send referrals to their friends, it is likely that they will join your brand’s bandwagon. 

It also generates brand loyalty. Whenever your customer refers their friends to you, it strengthens their relationship with you. It is also an effective method of encouraging repeat purchases. 

However, ensure that they receive something too. Include discounts for your customers and their referred friends as well. 

7. Loyalty Scheme

To increase brand loyalty, you can also use triggered emails to entice your customers to join your loyalty scheme. Similar to referrals, this can be triggered after your customers initiate their second purchase. 

Ensure that you properly layout the benefits of joining your scheme like free delivery, exclusive products, bonus points, etc. 

8. Renewal

If you sell products on a subscription basis, renewal emails are effectively triggered emails that can entice your customers to initiate repeat purchases. You can configure this to be sent before your customers’ existing subscription expires. It is an excellent opportunity to motivate them to renew their subscription. 

9. Birthday

Unlike most channels, Emails can create personal, valuable touches on a bigger scale.” David Newman

Compared to promotional Dems, Birthday emails have a higher conversion rate of 481%. They are triggered whenever your customers turn a year older. This is an important tactic of re-engaging with your customers and offering them special discounts or offers on their special day. 

Providing personalized touches such as these helps in creating brand loyalty. However, it is also important that you provide them with offers or discounts that are relevant to their interest otherwise all your efforts will go to waste. 

Below is an example of a birthday triggered email

10. Re-Engagement

You will always have some customers that will eventually ghost you. Win back or re-engagement campaigns are very effective in invigorating interest with such customers. Such triggered emails should persuade your sleeping subscribers about what is great about your brand and especially if it has any new product or services they may like. A discount or offer will help sweeten the deal. 

Your customer decided to invest in your brand for a reason but they may have forgotten what it was. Don’t ignore such customers. Instead, make attempts to re-engage and remind them of what you can offer. Below is an example of a re-engagement offer.


These 10 triggered email campaigns are all very effective in retaining your existing customer base and enlarging it at the same time. Whether it is dealing with buyer’s remorse, building brand loyalty, or motivating repeat purchases, each method improves your customer’s experience. If you want to increase your revenue, concentrating on better and personalized experiences is the best way to go. 

Understand your customer preferences intimately and offer personalized content according to their requirements. Keep in mind that sending triggered emails is not enough. To do this efficiently, make sure your marketing automation technology is updated as well.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos