Shortly after we launched the Small Business Bonfire this year, we kicked off what would become one of the most popular features: the Red Hot Tool of the Week.

Each week, we select an online tool that targets small business owners. It can be a productivity app, statistics/metrics/analytics software, marketing tool, sales booster, customer service app, website add-on, collaboration tool, or anything that small business owners might use. We give it a test drive, and if it makes the cut, it gets featured as a Red Hot Tool. An easy-to-digest summary is sent out via email to subscribers.

By the end of 2011, we will have featured 44 Red Hot Tools since our launch. Here are the five that have received the highest percentage of opens and click-throughs, making them the most popular Red Hot Tools featured this year.

Make sure you sign up to receive the Red Hot Tool of the Week email (it’s free). Small Business Bonfire members can access the complete list of featured tools in the Red Hot Tool archive (membership in our small business community is also free).


A way to manage what others see about you in Google Search.


An online tool for creating customized business plans and financial reports.


A PowerPoint plug-in to enhance and improve presentations.

Social Page Builder

A tool for building template-based but fully customizable Facebook pages.

Flaunt Kit

An online meeting and collaboration tool that streamlines communication.