Did you know that the Small Business Bonfire is more than just a small business blog? The Bonfire is also a membership-based community of entrepreneurs who are serious about learning, collaborating and growing their businesses.

I could easily rattle off 100 reasons to join the Small Business Bonfire, but who has time to read that? Instead, I picked out the top five reasons you should join our community. Which reason will get you to sign up today?

1. It’s a social network for entrepreneurs.

No, we’re not trying to be another Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Those sites all offer a tremendous value and are good for locating and marketing to your customers, but they don’t make it easy for entrepreneurs to collaborate with each other. That’s where the Small Business Bonfire comes in.

One of the best features of the Small Business Bonfire is the social network that was created solely for the use of entrepreneurs who want to share and collaborate with their peers. It works like other social networks and the point is simple — it’s a place for you to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs like you.

2. We help promote YOU.

Your membership in the Small Business Bonfire gives you access to some very unique and valuable benefits meant to promote you, your business and your products and services. Here are some examples how the Small Business Bonfire helps to get the word out about our members:

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  • “Get Promoted” monthly blast (members submit one link per month for high-visibility promotion including Facebook sharing, targeted tweets, and backlinking).
  • Featured profiles on our Facebook page (syndicated to our entire network).
  • Opportunities to guest blog on the Bonfire and other members’ blogs, and to have your blog added to our Bonfire Blogroll.


3. You get tips and advice you can actually use.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of high-level, general and broad information that doesn’t help you get from point A to point B. As business owners, we have limited time, so we need relevant, useful and ACTIONABLE advice we can implement in our businesses quickly and easily.

We accomplish this through monthly newsletters that are packed with original content (not repurposed from the blog or anywhere else), and exclusive monthly recordings from successful entrepreneurs that provide tips and advice you can use today.

4. You’ll get the Red Hot Tool of the Week.

Our weekly email, the Red Hot Tool of the Week, is quickly becoming notorious for giving small business owners access to quick, effortless tech resources. We find a productivity, social media, online or other business-related tool, test it ourselves, and if we think it’s worthy of your attention, we feature it as a Red Hot Tool. Check one out here.

5. Our memberships rates are really affordable.

Our memberships currently range from free to $14/month. We understand the plight of small business owners who have limited budgets and limited time, so we packed our memberships with value for a very low investment.

You can join the Small Business Bonfire at a limited free level, or jump into the Fire to ramp up your business quickly.

Want to hear more? Read what our members are saying.

Join the Small Business Bonfire today, and get immediate access to small business resources that will empower you to make positive changes in your business.

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