As a self-proclaimed small business collaborator, not too many people would guess that I am an introvert. But I am. My internal preferences will almost always lead me to a quiet corner where I can think, or a shady spot out of the harsh glare of the limelight. I like my own little bubble.

I learned early in my entrepreneurial journey, though, that this solitude wasn’t going to cut it. I would never be able to reach all of the people I wanted to help if I sat back and quietly waited for them to find me. The truth is that it takes a village to not only start a business, but to build one that thrives.

Once I embraced the idea of collaboration, I found that I loved it — meeting people, networking, making introductions, joining forces, and being part of a “team.” THAT was my passion. And it was also a huge surprise to me.

I may have to force myself out of comfortable little bubble sometimes to do what I do everyday for the Small Business Bonfire, but watching our community grow, seeing how small business owners are using the resources we put out there, and learning how entrepreneurs can work together makes it all worth the short-term uncomfortableness.

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This is why I decided to focus on the power of collaboration for my first article as a AMEX OPEN Forum contributor.

Read full article here: 5 Reasons to Get Out from Behind the Curtain and Collaborate

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