By Matthew Boye

If your goal is to take your business or your career to the next level, you are at the right place. In this article, I have put together 20 TED talks that will significantly transform your business and turn your life around.

1.  Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are – Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy is professor who studies the dynamics of power and judgment in human communication. In this talk, she discusses how “power posing” can change the way you feel about yourself and how body language can impact your chances of success.

2. How to Multiply Your Time – Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden is a productivity expert and in this talk, he explains why procrastinating deliberately is the key to being able to multiply your time. If you are one of the overcommitted who say, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” this is the talk for you.

3. Are You a Giver or a Taker – Adam Grant

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and in this talk, he breaks down the basic kinds of people: givers, takers  and matchers. “The most meaningful way to succeed is to help other people succeed.” – Adam Grant

4.  How to Motivate Yourself to Change Your Behavior –  Tali Sharot

Dr. Tali Sharot is a neuroscientist who studies how motivation and emotion direct our everyday decision making. In this talk, she discusses what can get people to change behavior in a positive way.

5. Why You Feel What You Feel – Alan Watkins

Alan Watkins is an expert in leadership and human performance and in this talk, he educates on how controlling your emotions can make you happier and more successful.

6. The Art of Innovation – Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is an advisor to Google and in this talk, he gives examples and steps to achieve meaning and innovation. A MUST WATCH FOR ENTREPRENEURS.

7. You Are Contagious – Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is an interpersonal intelligence specialist and in this talk, she reveals how our behavior can influence how others perceive our confidence. This is one of my favorite TED talks of all time.

8. Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – Jason Fried

Jason Fried is the author of “Rework,” a book that covers topics on productivity, culture, evolution,  and hiring in modern business. In this talk, he discusses how to improve productivity. He explains that most people in creative professions need uninterrupted time to work and when people want to get something done, they rarely prefer to do it at the office.

9. Where Joy Hides and How You Find It – Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ingrid Fetell Lee is the author of “Joyful: the Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness” and in this talk, she explains why certain shapes and patterns arouse joy, how joy is essential to wellbeing and how joining the aesthetics of joy into design enhances the human experience.

10. How to Quit Your Life (and Reboot) – Priya Parker

Priva Parker is an advisor to leaders and organizations on strategy, vision and purpose. In this talk, she provides seven techniques to help you prepare your life for a reboot.

11. Reading Minds Through Body Language – Lynne Franklin

Lynne Franklin is a body language expert and in this talk, she shares beneficial secrets that may assist with social interactions and how many seemingly meaningless predispositions can be very telling of the inner workings of a person’s mind.

12. Your Elusive Creative Genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of “ Eat, Pray, Love” and in this talk, she explains the impossible things people expect from artists and geniuses and addresses the challenges of the writing process. If you are a writer or artist, this talk is for you.

13. A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit – Judson Brewer

Judson Brewer is a psychiatrist and in this talk, he shares groundbreaking research on the mechanism of mindfulness practices that effectively help repress any type of craving.

14. There’s More to Life than Being Happy – Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily Esfahani Smith is a positive psychologist and in this talk, she describes how living meaningfully is different from pursuing happiness. She also mentions what four pillars support meaningful life and how to fill your life with meaning.

15. 10 Ways to Have Better Communication – Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee has worked as a radio host for a long time and she knows the elements of a great conversation. In this TED talk, she explains 10 rules to have a better conversation.

16. The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

Brene Brown is a vulnerability expert and in this talk, she explains why you should be self-aware.

17. Why 30 Is Not the New 20 – Meg Jay

Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist and in this TED talk, she explains that today’s 20-somethings need start taking their 20s seriously. She states that personality changes more in your twenties than at any other time in life.

18. Why You Should Make Useless Things – Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz is a YouTube star and in this talk, she shares her “useless” inventions and explores the ways we can embrace and overcome failure. This talk is brilliant.

19.  Programming Your Mind for Success – Carrie Green

Carrie Green is the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and in this talk, she explains that self-limiting thoughts and procrastination limit people from making the most of their available opportunities. “People are missing out on incredible opportunities all of the time because of what’s going on in their head, because they are making bad decisions based off of really bad frame of mind.” – Carrie Green.

20.  How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a profound public speaker and in this TED Talk, he explains how all the most innovative companies follow the exact same pattern which he calls “The Golden Circle.” Simon Sinek states that the most successful companies start with WHY they do what they do and move outward to HOW they aim to it and WHAT they aim to do. Highly recommend this for Entrepreneurs.