Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, has been heavily advertised on TV for the past couple of weeks, and is now hitting the streets. This advertisement was on the back of a phone booth in New York City (I know, I didn’t know they still existed either), and caught my attention as I passed by.

The 3D-like picture of the robot draws your eye and your attention to the sign, but what I noticed after my initial look surprised me. It was the large print “HUGH JACKMAN” right over the top of the robot; not the name of the movie which is placed at the bottom of the advertisement.

It is obvious they are selling Hugh Jackman and his reputation as much as the movie itself. I also love the placement of “HUGH JACKMAN” in a position that resembles a fighter raising a championship belt…intentional, I don’t know, but as someone who grew up watching boxing and wrestling, I got the message.

Did you?

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