Last night on the train, someone had left behind the latest issue of The Met Golfer, so I grabbed it to look through for the remainder of my trip. When I flip through magazines that I normally don’t read, I always pay close attention to who their advertisers are and how their ads are formatted.

Within this particular issue, the majority of advertisers were advertising a product or service related to golf. The ads ranged from new golf equipment to a realtor marketing herself as the expert in country club living. However, a couple of ads had absolutely nothing to do with golf and those were the ones I took notice of.

Why? Because these advertisers have found that the readers of The Met Golfer are the same customer base that they have found buy their products and services. There was an ad for a particular model of Rolex watch, one for retirement planning and another for insurance.

None of the three advertisers mentioned the word golf once in their ads despite being in a golf magazine. They know the demographics of the typical subscriber, and they tailor their marketing towards those demographics rather than their hobby of playing golf. And the other reason why they advertise here? None of their competitors are. Unlike all of the golf-related advertisers competing against each other, these three advertisers had virtually no related competition.

Niche magazines that have advertisers from outside their niche are worth picking up for a couple of issues to study and learn from. And, as a result, you may find a new profitable medium to advertise your business or a client’s business.

Image credit: angiea