If you ask your customers for certain personal information at the point of sale, one of the pieces of information you should request is their birthday. Having your customers’ birthdays will give you a legitimate reason to contact them and present them with special offers. It could also do a lot to create customer loyalty.

For example, we recently received an email from The Little Gym wishing one of our children a happy birthday.

Now, this email is certainly better than doing nothing, but they could have done so much more with it. People love getting gifts on their special day, so why not include some sort of special offer?

The parents of the child are the ones receiving the email so by giving them a special offer, The Little Gym may have solved the problem of what to get your child for his or her birthday. And the thing is, we were looking for a class for our child to attend at the time. If they included a special offer, we might have been a return customer.  Lost opportunity.

The Little Gym certainly isn’t the only company that drops the ball on tying in special offers to their customers’ birthdays, anniversaries or other special days. This happens all too frequently, and is really inexcusable when you already have the data.

How do you tie in special offers to your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.?

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