So, you’re a mom perusing the Kohl’s website for a Christmas dress for your daughter’s beloved doll. After surfing around, you find the perfect dress for the doll. They even have a matching one for your daughter.

The thing is, you already have a Christmas dress for your daughter. But…this is the perfect dress for her doll. And they are only sold as a pair, so you have to buy both. The price doesn’t even matter because that smile on your daughter’s face will be worth it.

This is exactly what Kohl’s and Dollie & Me are betting on. You want your daughter to be happy. Sure, you might find less expensive dresses for both her and her doll, but they would not match. And they certainly wouldn’t make her smile like matching outfits would.

What can you do with your products and services to create a similar dilemma for your customers?

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