We have gotten some great feedback on the “in real life” marketing photos we’ve spotted in our travels and shared on this blog (see the marketing examples I’m referring to).

So, we’ve decided to create a weekly series called, Street Walking. Each week, we will post a photo that is an example of poor marketing, exceptional marketing or something in between, and open the floor for your comments and critiques.

If you have a marketing example seen on the street that you’d like us to include in a future post, you can submit your photo here.

This may be one of the best examples of branding I’ve seen in a while, and it comes in the form of a New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol. This is a banner for XO Group Inc. outside the NYSE.  XO Group is the parent company of a number of love, relationship, marriage and baby websites, including The Knot, The Nest, The Bump and Wedding Channel, and their NYSE ticker symbol is XOXO. Love it!