I offer no apologies for who I am and the way in which I conduct business.

Unfortunately, I find that too many entrepreneurs feel that they must comply with the majority or else they will fail. And that’s just not true.

There are many examples throughout history of great entrepreneurs who did things their way and offered no apologies in the process of steamrolling over their competition.

Do you think Donald Trump really cares if people disagree with his business decisions?

Lee Iacocca went against popular opinion when he resurrected Chrysler from the abyss.

Ray Kroc probably didn’t get too upset that after each McDonald’s opened another nearby fast food restaurant had to close their doors as a result.

The list of entrepreneurial legends that did things their way goes on and on…

Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
J.P. Morgan

They all were considered crazy at some point for trying something that most certainly wouldn’t have worked…only to prove the naysayers wrong.

They all lost customers and business partners because they were brash or didn’t listen to their advice.

They all succeeded, however, despite not doing what everyone thought they should be doing.

There is always someone out there that “knows better” than YOU on how YOU should run YOUR business. They will tell you to not rock the boat. Just follow so and so and you will have modest success.

I say screw modest success. Pave your own way…But don’t be blind to those who have gone before you. Stay true to yourself.

Find a group of entrepreneurs like you. Join them. Share with them. Succeed with them.

Image credit: asifthebes