I am an over-thinker. I am someone who has a tendency to over complicate tasks because I think about them, and all of the implications of every action, to death. I know I am doing it, but my analytical mind is not always easy to turn off. I have been in situations where I’m not making any progress, simply because I can’t get past the analysis stage. I become an information junkie. And while that is helpful when it comes to research and preparedness, it can make you complacent.

One of the ways I battle this is by being a stickler for manageable task lists and priorities. As a perpetual list-maker and lover of order and organization, I break down complex actions into simple step-by-step lists. Knowing what I need to do and when pushes me out of the analysis mode so I can focus on action. It really works (and often takes the overwhelm out of the process).

I recently created a series of small business tutorials on About.com, giving readers instructions on how to complete business start-up tasks in a step-by-step “how to” format. I have used this same series of tutorials over and over again in my own business, so I put them online with the hope that they will help other small business owners struggling with inaction.

These are the 10 small business tutorials currently on the list:

  1. How to Start a Business
  2. How to Set Small Business Goals
  3. How to Name a Business
  4. How to Write a Simple Business Plan
  5. How to Incorporate Your Business
  6. How to Create a Marketing Plan
  7. How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition
  8. How to Prepare an Elevator Pitch
  9. How to Create a Mobile Office
  10. How to Delegate and Grow Your Small Business

Go to the full list of tutorials and links:
10 Powerful Small Business How-To’s You Need to Follow

You may want to bookmark that page and check back soon, because I will be building out the list to include even more how to’s. And if you have a specific tutorial you’d like to see included, let me know!