By Nick Rojas

Starting a business is a challenge at every step of the process. There’s a reason why most people aren’t their own boss, and a lot of has to do with the pressures, difficulties, and responsibilities of owning and operating a business. Even with a great idea, tons of public exposure, and an airtight business plan, things can still easily go wrong.

One of the most crippling challenges startups deal with in their first year is the issue of scaling: making their business’s reach the appropriate size for their available resources and market penetration. Many businesses worry too much about how to open their doors and then where they ultimately want to be. The process of bridging those two points is something that’s difficult to do.

In the infographic below, provided by, we look at some of the challenges that businesses have to deal with when it comes to scaling their size and reach, and see just how hard it is for most companies. Additionally, it shows how important it can be to try a new angle before trying to readjust a business’s scale, resulting in more profits and fewer mistakes.

Smooth Scaling: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat [Infographic]