By Jacob Dillon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the various activities carried out to improve the visibility of a website naturally without paying. The higher the rank or the more frequently a website appears in the search result page, the more visitors it can attract. Most search engine users don’t check the second page of the search result, much less the third page. Appearing on any of these pages or even the fourth and so on, means you are not visible at all.

Getting your website on the first page is one of the advantages of SEO. I’m pretty sure you need the SEO advantage, but getting there might not be an easy task. That’s why this piece is aimed at exposing you to the tactics you can apply. Below are great SEO tactics that largely increase your online visibility and increase traffic to your site.

1. Use Striking-Distance Keywords

It is a common strategy for people to focus on the keywords that is most often searched. What many have failed to realize is the level of competition they would have to face by focusing on the highly searched keywords. One good way to increase your online visibility using keywords is to forget about those “high catch” keywords and focus on those ones within striking distance (mostly keywords that rank in the second page of the search results).

These keywords are often less challenging and less competitive than those on the first page. And unlike those on the third page and higher, they are in position to become very visible and generate huge traffic as well. So, you can rank your site among the first page for a search result without going through the stress of competing with the big guns.

2. Improve Your Content

Your site is only as important as the content in it and how useful it is. If you want your site to rank higher, ensure that it has high-quality content, contents that are meaningful and helpful to users. There’s no point trying to rank your site if you have thin or empty pages, it means you have nothing to offer. This doesn’t go well with Google and other search engines. Therefore, you can expect to receive a manual action from Google.

You must also update your content regularly. You can check your previous post and expand it, make it more useful and more detailed or you can totally replace it with newer, fresher and more informative contents. Remember, your site is only as important as its content.

3. Look for Mentions Without Links

There are many times people might like your content enough to mention it in theirs but for certain reasons, only best known to them, they don’t link it back to you. What you have to do to discover these mentions is to search for your brand name via Google without your domain name. It might take a while to search them all depending on how many they are.

Once you have a list of such mentions, communicate with the author or content owner and ask for a link for that mention. This definitely helps to generate more traffic to your own site.

4. Build Both Internal and External Links

Internal links means that you’re connecting one piece of content to another. This is very advantageous if you have different pages of content relating to one another. It gives the search engines an idea of how your site is structured and makes it easier for them to find pages with more important information. Internal linking gives you control of the pages you link together and the anchor text.

External links are as well very important, especially if the links are to sites with high authority. It boosts your organic performance and proves how relevant your content is.

5. Have a Prominent Brand Identity on Social Media

Due to the increasing influence of social media, it is a good idea to have visible social media profiles. This not only strengthens your position as a brand, it increases your rankings as well. This is because social media account authority carries considerable weight in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This proves your legitimacy as a brand.


The use of SEO to promote your online visibility as a person or company cannot be overemphasized due to the massive results it provides. The above-mentioned tactics are readily applicable and effective in maximizing the use of SEO.