By Emily Suess

Thinking of starting a small business? Already have a small business and want to test your knowledge? These eight small business quizzes can help you pick a business, determine if you’re made of entrepreneurial material, discover what kind of structure your business needs, and test your knowledge about how small businesses operate and what challenges they face.

1. Kiplinger: Test Your Small Business Know-How

In this ten-question quiz, Kiplinger promises you’ll learn something helpful about small businesses, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running a business for years. The quiz keeps score as you go and offers useful tidbits of small business info.

2. My Own Business: Small Business Quiz

This multiple-choice and true-false quiz tests your small business acumen in just twelve questions. See how much you know about cash basis accounting, self-insurance, and cash flow projection. 

3. USA Today: How Much Do You Know about Small Business?

This quiz covers small businesses in the US. Quiz author Rhonda Abrams says, “Once you’ve answered, I suggest giving the quiz to candidates running for office. Let’s see how much they actually know about this critically important part of our country.”

4. Daily Finance: The Small Business Impact Quiz

Do you know how many employees a business can have and still be considered a small business? Do you know what percentage of small business owners are millionaires? Take this quiz and find out.

5. Business Start-Up Quiz

Starting a new business is hard work, and not everyone is suited to the task. Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to accept the full-time responsibility of operating your own small business.

6. Small Business Trends: Find Out What Type of Business Structure is Best for You

There are lots of decisions to make as a small business owner, including choosing the business structure that is best for you. This quiz will help you discover what’s right for your start up. Will it be LLC, incorporation, DBA? The folks at Small Business Trends say the average time to finish this quiz is just 1 minute!

7. Wesst: Entrepreneur Quiz

With this quiz you’ll be able to answer the big question: Should you start a small business? This easy yes-no quiz helps you conduct a self-evaluation to determine whether you share some of the key characteristics and skillsets that are required to own and operate a successful small business. It can also help you identify areas of weakness, showing you what skills you need to acquire on your own or through partnerships with others.

8. Let’s Talk Business Network: Quiz for Small Business Success

This quiz is based on an SBA survey conducted in California. (But it’s fun to take even if your business is located elsewhere.) At the end of this 20-item quiz, you can add up your scores to find your Business Success Quotient and see how you compare to some of California’s most successful business owners.

So how did you do on these quizzes? Let us know in the comments!