Need product packaging for your new business? Unsure where to start? Try these resources for labeling and packaging everything from food to handmade gifts. 

How to Create an Effective Product Label

CreativePro’s Mark Trumper walks you through the label design process, covering software, colors, fonts, materials, size, shape, barcodes and more. It’s a great overall resource if you’re creating a product label for the first time. Don’t forget the basics though: Trumper reminds you to make sure consumers can find your product and company name and contact information on the label.

Green Certification and Ecolabeling

Labeling a product as eco-friendly is hands down the best way to market to green consumers. There are a couple of different ways you can achieve eco-certification for your product labels—either through federal or non-governmental programs. gives you the scoop on getting label certification.

Quick Labeling Tips for Your Product Line

Consider this article your quick-start guide to labeling your new product line. The folks at SmashBrand explain how color, graphics, and flourishes affect the overall impact of your label designs.

Food Labeling Fact Sheets

The FDA is serious about food labeling. In fact, they’ve dedicated a whole resource page to food labeling fact sheets. Making sweet treats to sell? Then you’ll definitely want to read the Allergies and Food Safety PDF to help you get a grasp of applicable labeling regulations. There are ten resources on this official page, and the articles cover everything from meat and poultry flavorings to product expiration dates.

Design Tips: How to Prepare Label Artwork

What image properties are best for printing labels? Do you know what DPI is best? Do you know the difference between process black and pure black? Is anti-aliasing good or bad for product artwork? Do you know how CMYK color works? The folks at Quick Label Systems answer these questions and a lot more. This is also a good resource for helping you talk to a design pro if you plan to outsource the work.

25 Super Creative Product Packaging Designs

Sometimes what you really need to design a great package or label is a little inspiration. The writers at Bored Panda have compiled a list of fun and innovative package and label designs. Use these examples as a launch pad for coming up with your own attention-grabbing packages.

The Etsy Blog: Packaging Inspirations

Etsy sellers know that packing is an essential part of branding and that packaging needs to reflect and individual shop owner’s personality and business style. This blog post is part of Etsy’s Seller Handbook, and it contains tips for creating stunning packaging that includes everything from stickers to shipping boxes to gift wrap. Lots of pictures for inspiration plus a video on packaging from an Etsy shop owner are included.

It’s hard to sell a great product with a bad label. Before you take your ideas to print, make sure your designs are professional, error-free, and the right match for your small business brand and message.