By Rahul Mathur

PHP is certainly the most sought after technology in the world of web, and has been for more than a couple of decades now.

PHP is widely used and emerged as high-performance language in the web development industry from the last couple of years. It offers superior security, faster turn-around time and it is comparatively affordable server-side script language. There are many popular websites, big brands platforms and social media websites which use some version of PHP. Facebook initially used a simple version of PHP, and then moved to the basics of the good-old PHP version. Wikipedia also uses PHP in mint condition. PHP language has been upgraded many times; truly it is easy to master and multifarious in every way.

PHP is the most stable and a dominant player in the industry, its reputation today as same as before. In today’s competitive world, technology is certainly plays a significantly important role. You can get the best out of PHP if you use it along with some of the other latest platforms.

What’s new with PHP?

PHP has improved all over the years. With time it has become more advanced yet managed to remain simple. PHP7 is the latest edition of the language, and includes important performance improvements, new features and enhanced security tools.

PHP 7 engine’s speed is increased incredibly, which is almost double the performance of the earlier version of PHP 5.6 engine. Developers can see performance increases when they run their code in the new engine. It is indeed a good addition to the PHP family with advanced features all round. Even today, PHP is the wonderful, secure and perfect choice for database interaction with PDO, prepared statements, scalar data validation, and more.

Should you opt for PHP 7 while designing your e-commerce site?

Version 7 has its various sub-versions including PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3. PHP version 7.0 is own around 64% of the market share. There are many websites that currently use version 7 including CNBC, En son Haber to effectively manages their websites, as they all handle heavy traffic every day. Website developers are gradually adopting version 7.  

Also you need to note that, there are various CMS platforms such as WordPress which is not compatible with version 7, its plug-ins are not updated yet to work with the latest version. This is probably because the cost is excess to migrate to a newer version. When PHP 6 is already working perfectly fine and not showing any kind of compatibility issues or security problems, the websites already using it, do not consider it a necessity to migrate to the version 7.

Today, you can see many new websites that are quite popular are PHP 7 based, the new version offers simple custom web development and most advanced development.

Why should your e-commerce site have PHP?

In today’s highly competitive digital era, your e-commerce websites need to consider each and every aspect to offer an outstanding user experience. Since, there is already many powerful websites including Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are doing great, therefore to compete these high-performance running website, you need to be extra careful while building your online presence.

Responsive designs for e-commerce – Nowadays, most of the users, around 82% people, use their mobile devices to do their routine tasks and shop online. This is why responsive designs are essential for your website. PHP language can help you take care of it.

Header bar designs – PHP allows to add a fixed headers in your website, this makes it easy to access to the main menu and improve website and brands look and feel.

Simple to Use

Even if you are a new developer, PHP can be a perfect programming language for yourself. It is hassle-free to use and its amazing features such as dynamic typing and associative arrangements make things awesomely simple for you.

Extremely User-Friendly

Unlike other programming languages, you do not need to compile PHP, you simply need to write the script and upload it the server and then on the browser.

Built-In Database Support

PHP come with the database support from MY SQL, which is quite popular, so there is no need to install the drivers, you can get started using database.


PHP allows you to create eye-catching banner ads, striking responsive headers. Using its Flash, you can make beautiful 3D interactions. Also, the enterprising nature of PHP is just amazing. It lets you borrow design elements from various libraries. For instance, you are building your website in WordPress and if you need to add some functionality, you have the choice to use the verified PHP libraries and frameworks to include new features. PHP is friendly with most of the popular CMS, so you can add new functionalities to your Drupal, Magento and Joomla e-commerce websites.

PHP is powerful and always agile. PHP is one of the oldest languages and it is greatly used since 1995 around the world. Each day, its users have been increasing. You can find a number of web oriented frameworks, libraries, e-commerce store of PHP.

PHP allows your website to explore. PHP is popular among developers because of its flexibility and simplicity with which it gives you choices to include new features, improve performance, and integrate new frameworks and scalability.