By Jennifer Landry

Whether you’re part of a large company or run a small business, advertising is an important aspect in any marketing campaign. Unfortunately, the traditional marketing and advertising process has changed significantly just in the past decade. In fact, 95 percent of people do not trust traditional advertising. Instead, people are turning to customer reviews and social media to help make with their purchasing decisions. These social networks are now one of the most influential tools available to companies if they want to increase brand recognition and interest.

While there is still plenty of opportunity to gain visibility organically, paid social amplification can help increase a company’s reach to their target market. Not only is this form of marketing extremely affordable, it also allows companies to pinpoint exactly where and who they want to target thanks to the amount of personal data store on these sites. Gone are the days of blanket advertising. Marketers now have the option to narrow their focus down to a select few groups most likely to convert to consumers.

As with all marketing, figuring out the formula for a successful campaign takes some trial and error. The infographic below can give you some direction as it breaks down the best paid social amplification approach for each major network.

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The Road to Success Through Paid Social Amplification [Infographic]