By Jennifer Smith

When it comes to business, you have to constantly work towards increasing your sales, attracting more customers, and enhancing your brand value. It shows that you are serious about expanding your brand’s presence. Outdoor business signage is one of the popular mediums of advertising that comes with a host of benefits. Print and offline marketing have been an integral part of marketing and it still has the charm to drive customers directly to your storefront. 

With the advancement of technology, you can now experiment a lot with your signage. You can go for an electronic message centre, LED illumination, wayfinding sign systems, and much more. Sometimes, an effective message communicated creatively through good visuals can do wonders for your brand. After all, it’s all about the creative idea.

But before we jump into such intrinsic elements, let’s understand the importance of signage for your brand. 

Let’s say your storefront is located in a lane where two or three businesses also offer the same service as yours. How will you differentiate yourself from the rest to a potential consumer walking by? How will you effectively communicate that you are offering the expertise they are looking for? 

This is where outdoor business signage comes into the picture. With simple signage dictating the core essence of your brand can help you drive the consumer to your shop. A copy that states ‘we repair all watches—vintage, modern, digital’ with right visual can leverage your expertise to the audience. Professionally designed and printed foamex board printing can bring you the long-desired exposure.

Here are three reasons why you should invest in the outdoor business signage for your business.  

Attract Customers Straight Your Storefront 

Captivating the attention of potential customers is the first step towards getting a sale. Strategic placement in the right location will help you in getting that special attention you were looking for. Signs are the most important elements of visual communication. They talk to customers on your behalf addressing their issue and solving it with the service or product that you offer. 

Signs are like the round-the-clock advertising tools of your business. As long as they are hung up, there is a possibility that the consumer will turn around to your direction, spend barely 2-3 seconds reading it. The location, your business name, can get registered in their subconscious. Later, when are passing by, they will know that you are located somewhere around the corner. And when they would see the signage again, they know exactly where to walk-in.  

In addition to storefront signage, businesses use additional tools to promote specific offers or sales. Examples of these kinds of tools may include sandwich boards with special messages, footstep stickers, or advertising inflatables. A sandwich board is a portable sign that can be placed outside a store to attract attention. Sticker footsteps leading to a store can also be used to draw customers inside. Like sandwich boards, inflatable advertising signs are often placed in high-traffic areas near the entrance to a store to draw attention to special deals or promotions. Inflatable advertising signs are an effective way to catch the eye of potential customers and can help to boost sales. They can also be customized to include your business name, logo, contact information, or anything you want to include in their design. When used properly, these tools can increase foot traffic, drive sales, and build brand awareness as well.

If you are one of those businesses who has a shop in a busy shopping centre, then consider signage your best friend. Inexpensive and durable signs will catch the eye of the customer from both street and foot traffic. Signs exposes your business to anyone and everyone—be it a first-timer, or a local, or a tourist, or a commoner walking or driving by. 

Amplify Brand Value 

Custom designing your signage with your brand colors, logo, and other symbols can elevate your business into a brand. Consistency in your design and placement is the key to exponential growth. Follow your logo colors, set a design theme keeping that in mind, and craft a beautiful tagline or a short copy that communicates the value which you provide to your customer. Bring brevity and impact in the whole concept of crafting the signage and then witness it enhancing your brand’s value ten fold. 

These elements are your business assets which create an impression about your brand in the heart and mind of the consumer. Your product may be manufactured in a factory or baked by you in the kitchen, but brands are built in the heart. Remember, you have to be consistent about these things. Giving importance to your logo, tagline, and brand colours is imperative. People remember just one Nike with a tick mark. If Nike had multiple signs or symbols associated then people won’t recognize it with the one tick mark today. Consistency and loyalty towards your own brand in signages will build loyalty amongst your customers. 

Increased Sales

A business functions when it gets sales when people prefer using it, not once but twice and more. Through outdoor business signage, you can market your services and products directly to the consumers. You can have signage about your next big sale or the next giveaway contest, or about how you bring the expertise to solve the customer’s problem or about how your product is the best in London. The right foamex signage can help you promote your business across all verticals.  

Build long-term associations with your customer through effective messaging. Make them want to explore your brand or the product. Signage gives them a chance to interact with your brand without any distractions. It holds their interest and can drive significant positive results. In the world where people are receiving tons of alert messages on their phone which they just swipe away, outdoor signage like foamex signage slices through all the clutter at their convenience. Reaching them in the real world, at the moment and pulling them towards your store.  

Apart from all these three important reasons, outdoor signs also bring many other benefits to the table. Outdoor business signage is cost-effective when compared to other traditional marketing methods, sustainable most importantly, cost-effective. They target the demographics, are non-intrusive, and drive traffic.