By Selena Dennysal 

These days, more and more businesses are switching to models that are completely Internet-based. Thanks to the evolving knowledge economy, there are many businesses that operate in a wholly digital environment, which lowers the production costs, thanks to technology.

If you are considering the possibility of starting your own business this year, before the launch you will need to find a working and innovative idea for your business.

The truth is that almost any conventional skill or a business model can be transformed into something more innovative and tech-savvy. One of the trends this year (and probably the next couple of years) is creating an online service business. Here are some great online service business models that you can try in 2019.

1. Social Media Marketing Consultant

Unlike big corporations, many small businesses or startups are not able to hire a full-time staff member to operate their ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. You can take advantage of this situation and become a social media marketing consultant for small businesses.

If you have a strong understanding and knowledge of social media, you can leverage that to get hired by a startup to work on their social media campaigns. Adjust the price by offering different packages that would be suitable for businesses and budgets of all sizes.

2. Web Designer

Since many modern businesses are iInternet-based, they all need a good functioning business website to reach the target audience online. Keeping that in mind, web design services will be always in demand.  However, web design requires a set of different skills both technical and artistic. To be able to create a stunning yet working website, you will need to master coding, design, and software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Even though web design can be quite challenging to learn, the niche is quite competitive. To stand out in a crowd, you will need more than just knowing a bunch of coding languages. Websites you build must be appealing to the target audience of the company you are working for, easy to navigate and have all the necessary functions.

For starters, buy a couple of courses on Udemy to learn the basics of coding and design and start practicing. If you want attract clients, you will need to build a solid portfolio.

3. E-Commerce Shop Owner

E-commerce stores are probably one of the largest online business segments at the moment. Customers’ behavior is changing; people are switching from direct shopping to online shopping. Online shoppers’ buying power is incredible and reaches billions of dollars spent on online shopping.

Considering the competition, starting an e-commerce business is very challenging when you don’t have your own product. If you don’t manufacture your own goods, you can start a drop shipping business. The only thing you will need is an e-commerce online platform and a reliable supplier.  Find the product that will be in demand and start reselling.

4. Online Printing Service Provider

Any brick-and-mortar business can be turned into the digital empire; printing services is a good example. Considered a traditional business, a printing company can also be a thriving online platform. Instead of processing all of the orders through the print shop, it is now possible to place orders online without ever leaving your apartment.

If you think that printing is not relevant in the modern era then you are wrong. The business world will not go paperless any time soon. We all still need business cards, flyers, thank you cards, and corporate calendars printed.

5. Online Coach or Consultant

Just like web design, not everyone has enough skills and knowledge to build a company from scratch. To fill the knowledge gap, many people hire consultants and coaches to learn about the best strategies to apply to their businesses in order to reach their goals faster. However, coaching and consulting are not only for businesses.

You can be a consultant if you have a background in education or a life coach if you know how to solve people’s problems,. This work won’t become obsolete any time soon because everyone needs advice from someone knowledgeable to get through challenges.

Regardless of the idea that you will choose for your business, make sure that you do a lot of research before executing it. Make sure the product or service you will be offering is relevant for many people and that you are ready to provide your customers with the best experiences. If you can solve someone’s specific problem, your business model will be a success.