If you do a lot of your work online, or don’t have a business that allows you to experience the outdoors, you may not have the earth on your mind every day. That’s why Earth Day is such a powerful event. It’s a reminder that we are all HUMAN, we all live and rely on the EARTH, and it’s up to each one of us to do our part to keep it that way.

You may know that my husband, Jason, is a huge earth-lover. His passion has grown since we first met in 1999, and it’s contagious. Being married to him and experiencing his passion has indoctrinated me into earth-friendly thinking. Not that I was anti-environment before…but I’m just more conscious of it now.

One Simple Thing You Can Do

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Being earth-conscious takes work, but like almost everything else, you can create a positive habit by starting small. And today, on Earth Day, it’s the perfect time to take a baby step.

So, what’s one simple, immediate and easy way you can honor the Earth today? My suggestion, and what I will be doing shortly, is to shut down. Close your browser, exit your email, shut down your computer, turn off your smartphone and take a break from technology.

I plan to spend some time outside with my family and away from the energy-suckers (AKA computers) that I use everyday.

Go Green Resources for Business

Want to do more? There are a lot of excellent resources online with ideas for protecting, honoring and saving the environment as a business owner, today on Earth Day and everyday. Here are a few that I’ve found (including a couple that I wrote myself):

So what do you do to honor the earth every day in your business? And what one simple earth-friendly step will you take today to celebrate Earth Day?

Photo credit (flower): porah
Photo credit (my kids): Enjoying the spring-ish air.