Today starts Round 2 of our NYT Small Business Summit Celebration. We’re partying in celebration of our participation in the NYT event, taking place next Monday in NYC.

Here are the details for Round 2:

Special Offer #2

All new Oxygen, Heat or Fuel premium members will get the two Bonfire monthly member packs that have been sent out since we launched. This may be the only opportunity to get copies of these packs, which include two issues of The Spark printed newsletter, two CDs of the Month and two Marketing Swipe Resources of the Month.

You’ll also get your official Bonfire Welcome Pack that includes a third monthly pack and some other goodies as part of your regular membership.

This special offer is valid from 12:00 a.m. ET on Friday, June 10 until 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, June 11.

All new Oxygen, Heat or Fuel members during that timeframe will automatically receive this special offer.

Bonfire Member Giveaway #2

[image img=”” alt=”” title=”giveaways” width=”300″ height=”256″ rounded=”all” /]

In Round 2, we will randomly select three Bonfire members who will get to choose either a Bonfire hat, a Bonfire mug, a Bonfire tote bag or a Bonfire T-shirt as their free gift. We will announce the winners in the Bonfire Community on Friday afternoon.

If you are a Small Business Bonfire Community member (any membership level), you are in the running to win one of these gifts. Join now for free to get your name in the drawing.

Good luck!

Login to your Bonfire account to see who won the Round 1 drawing! Round 3 will be announced on Sunday.

Image credit (confetti/noise maker): strong_des