By Alexandra Benecio

Operating a business and keeping it afloat is challenging. And it is even more difficult when you are only a small business trying to grow and expand and reach new heights. To do this, you are going to need to nail different aspects of your business.

You need to perfect your product and make sure it is of high quality and is different from others. You need to master skills and manners of social interaction and make sure your customer service is on point. You need to take a look at the prices, and make sure they are convenient enough for the customers without ever risking your profit and overall sales. And another important aspect to growing your business? You need to get exposure.

Getting exposure for your business will allow new audience to notice you. People will be encouraged to work with you or avail your products and services. Customers will recommend your business to other people. And people will talk about your business and your product. In other words, getting exposure will be ultimately beneficial to you and your business.

Now, most people would immediately think about the Internet and various social media platforms to expose their business. Well, they are not wrong. Recent statistics report that 90% of marketers claim that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. In a world where billions of people are on the Internet, exposure can be achieved through social media marketing. However, not all exposure can be acquired through social media. There are also other methods of exposing your business — other methods that may be unconventional or traditional but still very effective. Take a look at these several non-social media ways to get exposure for your business.

1. Host Events

Go ahead and host events at your business. They do not have to be anything grand, a simple workshop or class at your place will be enough, just make sure they are connected to the type of business you have. For example, if you own a bakeshop, try to host cake-decorating workshops, or pastry-making for kids and other youth at your neighborhood. These little affairs will be enough to expose your business to new people and the community.

2. Collaborate with Other Businesses

Collaborating with other businesses is also a good way to get exposure. Work with other businesses to expand your customer base and get the exposure that your business needs. You could do cross-promotional activities, or provide certain supplies to your chosen business partner and vice versa. Together, you could attract more customers, boost sales, and grow together.

3. Attend Seminars

Attending seminars also pays off. No matter what kind of business you are in, seminars hold a lot of significance. If you have a catering business, you could join catering expos. If you have a real estate business, find real estate seminars to attend. Not only are you gathering knowledge and information to be applied on your business, you are also exposing your business to the right people. In these seminars, you will have to chance to know people, and for them to know you.

4. Speak at Events or Seminars

You could go to a seminar as an attendee, yes, but you can also go to a seminar as the guest speaker as well. You do not have to target big or national seminars and events. Local events or seminars at your community can be enough to garner exposure and experience. Apart from sharing knowledge and tips regarding your field, this also gives you a chance to talk about your business and what you do, guaranteeing good exposure for your small business.

5. Support Local Charities

Supporting local charities can also expose your business to new people and new places. In fact, your business can even get a lot more in return for supporting and working with charities as this can be good for your business in a lot of aspects. Aside from getting exposure, it can improve your employees’ morale, it can help your community, and it can expand customer base. By letting people know that you are involved in charities and movements, people will be encouraged to buy your products or avail your services.

6. Host Giveaways

Another method of gaining exposure is hosting giveaways. People love free stuff and winning things, so what better way to catch their attention than hosting a giveaway? You could give away a gift certificate, or a new product, or the services you offer at your business. There are a lot of ways in which you can conduct a giveaway that will attract new audiences and promote your business at the same time. It gives you the chance to share information about your business and what you can offer to the market.

7. Use a Press Release

A press release is a brief — usually one-paged — written statement that reports about a certain event or happening at a business. Using a press release can be a really good way to expose your business new audiences. With a good press release in newspapers or magazines, people will be informed about your business. Press releases can also lead into an in-depth interview if you catch the attention of the newspaper or magazine themselves.

8. Sponsor an Event

Apart from hosting events or speaking at events, sponsoring an event is also a great way to garner exposure for your business. Find a local event and sign up as a sponsor. It may come with a hefty price, but prices can be negotiated, and the exposure you will get is good enough to make up for it. Sponsoring an event means your products and signage will be displayed in the venue, giving new people a chance to notice your business and the products or services you offer.

9. Put a Logo on Your Company Vehicles

If you have company cars or a delivery van, do not waste the opportunity to put up your business’s logo or signage. Seems simple, but very effective. Logos or images on the sides of company vehicles will attract attention and curiosity from people. If you have a delivery fleet for your business, put your logos on it. Every time you have a delivery to make and a delivery van reaches a different city, your business is being exposed and promoted.

10. Utilize Traditional Offline Marketing

One should also not forget about the traditional offline marketing. Printed ads like flyers, banners, brochures, and billboards — these can all contribute in getting exposure for your small business. With an engaging illustration that will attract people, and clear information that provides further details about your business, these printed marketing materials will ultimately promote and expose your business.

All these marketing methods can help you get the exposure you need for your business. Social media marketing can help expose your business greatly, but these offline methods are effective as well and can add to the overall marketing strategy of your business. With hard work, determination, and the right strategy, small businesses can grow further and reach success.