By Garret Norris

Many may not realize it, but small businesses are major contributors to the economy, accounting for as much as 54% of total sales in the United States. Despite these figures, many entrepreneurs and small business owners agree that generating sales is not a walk-in-the-park. So, what must small businesses do to increase sales?

The answer lies with the use of Mobile Technology.

There’s no denying the power of mobile and comScore confirms this in its latest report, where mobile usage accounts for 69% of total digital media consumption. Not only that, a mobile search will surely generate an action within an hour by at least 70% of the time. This trend is changing the business and consumer landscape – and businesses who can’t adapt will surely be left behind.

So, whether you’re just a startup or a struggling small business, join the mobile revolution now and prepare your business for the future of marketing with these mobile technology options designed to increase sales and generate more profits.

1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

The first step is to establish your online presence from a mobile-friendly perspective considering that as much as 68% of adults in the US are using smartphones. Even Google deemed this very important, making mobile-friendliness primary ranking criteria in search results – and even provided the tool to help you test your sites.

2. Brand Your Products or Services for a Mobile Audience

Consumers are using mobile platforms more frequently than ever – and this is where you should focus your branding efforts. In the US, an average consumer will spend at least 5 hours a day on their mobile devices, most of the time using apps instead of browsers. On top of that, they respond much more readily to Ads on their mobile device than they do on their laptops or desktops. Tablets generate higher Click Through Rates with mobile apps performing twice as better.

3. Go Local

One-third of total mobile searches are looking for local information. Google also confirmed that the growth of local searches is 50% faster than the overall mobile search platform. Small business owners should have their businesses registered on the local map through the Google My Business portal. You’ll get more traffic from local searches looking for suppliers of products and services near their areas.

4. SMS Text Marketing

SMS text messaging is still more popular than ever. Businesses should take advantage of this readily available and cost-effective mobile marketing tool for new and existing clientele. Digital marketing expert Neil Patel agrees that SMS text messaging can drive leads and generate sales because it is a trackable platform, highly interactive, delivers immediate results and makes room for personal touches.

5. Use the Power of Video

Video has emerged as an ultimate branding tool with Millennials spending 50% more of their time online watching videos on their mobile devices. Small business owners should capitalize on this fact by creating short but creative videos to showcase their products and services. Videos don’t have to be high-end as long as they deliver your message in a manner that is interesting to your target audiences.

6. Mobile Social Media Marketing

Mix the power of mobile to social media marketing and you’ll end up with a powerhouse marketing tool that can really drive up those sales figures. Social media users spend up to 80% of their time on these platforms through their mobile devices. That’s a very significant fact that small businesses should not ignore.

7. Leverage on Mobile POS

The mobile phenomenon has reached far and wide in the marketing arena and this includes retailing. Now, consumers are getting more and more comfortable with making purchases through their mobile devices – up to 76% actually did it in 2016. This is where innovative apps like mobile retail POS systems can prove very helpful to retailers, allowing them to reach out to customers, assist them with their transactions and close that sale.

8. Creating Your Own App

Speaking of apps, it can do your small business real good – and compete in the mobile marketing field just like the big guys – with an innovative mobile app that can drive your sales. Don’t worry much about cost as there are very talented freelance developers out there willing to help you in creating the next viral mobile app.

Mobile is the future of sales and marketing, there is no denying that. And just how fast mobile technologies are being developed at a dizzyingly rapid rate, small businesses should also make double time in adopting mobile technologies to drive their sales, boost their profits and grow their business.