By Kenneth Evans

If you have not added the use of marketing videos to your marketing techniques, you are already losing customers. Here are the reasons you should also adopt video marketing.

Boost Conversion and Sales

According to a reliable report, adding a video to your landing page can boost your sales conversion by up to 80 percent. One thing is sure, video clips remain in the minds of viewers much longer than other forms of advertisement.

Boost SEO

Google and other search engines love videos so much. Websites with videos rank higher than other websites. So, if you post videos on your sites, they will be among the first websites returned in search engine return pages. The higher your rank the more Google pulls traffic to your site.

Boost Popularity

Videos go viral more than pictures and text. When your videos are interesting, visitors on your website are more likely to share them. A common trick is to include a little bit of humor in your videos. Viewers will laugh and share them and that way, the popularity of your brand will continue to soar. It is needless to say more popularity brings credibility and more sales.

Boost Reach

Another reason to consider video marketing is that videos reach a larger audience than pictures and words. An ordinary one-minute video can pass more messages than one hundred thousand words. Besides, people believe what they see. So, videos boost credibility.

You also need to understand that people are more likely to watch videos than read text, especially if the videos are very short. This is why you should always keep your videos short to make it attractive.

Where Vlogging Fits In

Vlogging is another trending video marketing tool, and you may also want to know more about it because some of your competitors are already using it. Vlogging is fast becoming a very effective marketing tool and you should consider jumping the bandwagon.

Videos are more interesting than pictures and texts. So, your video will make your visitors stay relatively longer on your on vlog and it will boost your search ranking. Readers are more likely to share videos especially if there is a little bit of humor in each of them.

Explaining the benefits of your products and how to use them is better done verbally via a vlog. The way to use your product can also be demonstrated on your vlog. The question to ask is, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? I guess billions. That is the major benefit of vlogging.

Vlogging is also more interactive than just reading boring product descriptions and reviews. Combination of watching and listening is more entertaining than reading texts. So, videos generally receive more reactions than pictures and texts. It gives you a platform to advertise your products and services to millions of people without leaving your home.

How to Use Marketing Videos Successfully

Whatever form of marketing videos you choose, you have to apply certain tips to make them interesting and engaging. Some tips have been outlined below.

It should be about a story your audience can connect to.

If your video is only about your products and how to use them, it will only convert a few people. But when you include an attractive story before adding the details of your products, it will attract a lot of people and it will also make them take the right action. Remember, every viral video has either engaging story or humor or both of them.

Keep your videos short and concise.

A lot of things beg for people’s attention on the net so, before viewing your video, they will check its length. The most watched videos are the ones that are just one minute in length or shorter. People usually ignore any video whose length is longer than three minutes and some of those that will view it will drop off half way through it. As a rule of the thumb, keep it in mind that the longer your video is, the higher the likelihood of its being viewed.

Put important information first.

No matter how short your video is, not everyone will view it to the end. So, you have to prepare for those that may drop off half way by passing the most important information first.

Include a call to action.

Some of the viewers of your videos may want to take action immediately. You must always add a “call to action” button or information at the end of all your videos. Some people are impulse buyers. If they don’t have the information needed to order your product immediately after viewing your video, they may not order it again. In order not to lose sales from impulse buyers, you must remember to add a call to action.

In conclusion, considering the benefits outlined above, marketing videos are a very effective marketing tool that can help you increase the exposure of your small business.