When I started my first business years ago, I felt like I was constantly stumbling around in the dark, in an unfamiliar and scary house. I kept stubbing my toes on doorjambs, whacking my shins into furniture, banging my arms into walls and hitting my head on lighting fixtures. I didn’t know the lay of the land, and in my frantic attempts to gain footing, I was getting bruised and bloodied…and it was eating away at my confidence.

It wasn’t long before I was spent — emotionally, financially and physically. Looking back almost 15 years later, I know what I was missing in those early days of darkness and confusion: a blueprint of the house to use as a map to get from one room to the other, to plan a renovation, and to show me what the foundation really looked like.

That is how the Small Business Kickstart Kit begins. I know so many entrepreneurs who are almost desperate to get their businesses off the ground, yet continue to get hung up on the details. I understand those challenges intimately (because I’ve been there), and I also know what it takes to get past the stopping point, start to make progress, boost your confidence and build momentum. With just a little time and effort. Really.

And that’s why I created the Kickstart Kit. I just released it a couple of weeks ago, and I am thrilled to share it with you.

The Small Business Kickstart Kit

The Small Business Kickstart Kit walks you through (and simplifies) what you need to do to create a blueprint for your new business. In the kit, we focus on the most important steps of starting a business, so we can get in, get the planning done, and get on with the business by focusing on targeted action steps.

There are four primary areas we focus on in the Kit, the most common places where entrepreneurs get hung up and frustrated:

  • Goal Setting
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Budgeting

I know you don’t have a lot of time, so the actions you take need to mean something. The Kickstart Kit is all about taking mangeable but insanely meaningful steps. There’s no fluff; just specific advice and useable worksheets.

It’s a streamlined business start-up kit that gives you the tools you need to get moving, now. Not in six months or a year. Now. This Kit will help you break out of the darkness and confusion and use the time you have to do what you need to do to get your business launched.

Does it sound like something you need?

Then, jump on over to the Small Business Kickstart Kit page to find out more and order your copy today. If you want to make progress today — right now — then you need a Kickstart.