By Dan Boyle

Successful branding is the result of hard work and a cleverly built identity that’s easy to process by possible customers. So, if you think a logo and a witty motto will get you to the top, you have another thing coming!

Furthermore, luxury real estate brings a new layer of work to the entire structure. The target audience is used to all sorts of marketing and branding techniques so, to stand out you need to come with something unique and interesting. Are you ready?

If not, don’t panic; we have several branding tips for your luxury real estate business that may just do the trick.

1. Be Specific

Whether or not your agency also covers regular properties, it is very important to showcase the fact that you are specialized in selling luxury homes. If you do both, it’s best to create a different brand for this side of the business, so clients from both sides can relate to your branding.

This aspect is important because it creates the perfect first connection with a possible customer. It also sets you out from the crowd, which is exactly what a brand should do (show your agency’s unique traits).

2. Address the Right Audience

When you sell luxury homes, your audience is already segmented, but you can go even deeper. For instance, if you are selling beachfront property, you will never attract people who love to spend their vacation skiing or relaxing at a cabin in the mountains. Furthermore, if the property is situated by a lake or by the seaside, it will attract completely different buyers, so it’s important to first understand who your target audience is.

The best way to build a successful branding campaign is to start by finding the right audience. Once this step is complete, it will be easier to build marketing elements that help people connect with your agency.

3. Be Bold

Most agencies that deal with rich people tend to implement a quiet color scheme, with shades of gold and/or silver. But to sell luxury real estate you need to be bold and strong, which is not showcased on your site or marketing materials if you follow the trend.

So, break the norm and choose a color that best represents you. It will get you out of the boring pile and right into the interesting and daring one.

4. Use Various Channels

As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s no longer enough to print out a poster and hand out flyers. Smart realtors know that almost no one reads the flyers and while the poster may be visible, there are other ways to reach your audience.

First, you have the standard channels (TV and radio) where you can start with ads and continue with local shows or even go national. You have to think big if you want your brand to be big! If these channels are not a good fit for your agency, you can always use the online ones.

Real estate agencies from all over the world use social media to keep possible customers up to date with their listing. Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are highly visual and they can be the right path towards brand growth.

However, the most important channel remains your website. Make sure it is up to date, secure, and easy to browse so visitors would have the perfect experience while browsing through pictures of gorgeous luxury properties. Your site can also be used to grow the list of people interested in receiving a newsletter from you, which is very valuable nowadays.

5. Build a Reputation

Not everyone can handle working with luxury homes and high-end clients, which is why people need to know you have what it takes.

Of course, this step of branding is a lot easier if you’ve already worked in the niche and have several clients to back up your claims. If you do, don’t forget to ask for their opinion on your services, and include it in your strategy. If not, you should work hard to build a reputation with several important customers.

6. Remember That Content Is Still King

One way to expand your reach is through high-quality content. Start with your site and make sure all the texts are user-friendly (aka easy to browse and understand) and move towards all the channels you use. Even on Instagram, the witty description of a property can bring you a lot more attention from the right people.

We also encourage you to create video content. Many real estate agencies nowadays use drones to take stunning aerial footage of the property that highlights all the advantages of living there. The resulted videos are impressive (if done right) and attract a huge following online.

Finally, if you think you’ll keep up with the updates, a blog will bring a lot more value to your site and brand. It will also put a friendly face on your agency, even before the client gets to meet you in person.

As you can see, branding can be a lot of work, but when done right, it creates a series of opportunities that can boost your real estate agency right to the top.