Technology has changed — and is continuing to change — the small business landscape. Look at what you do on a daily basis, and then imagine trying to run your business without access to the technology that makes it all possible. It would be quite a challenge, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of constantly changing technology is the financial side. Technology itself becomes cheaper as it changes…remember what it used to cost and how hard it used to be to get high-speed Internet access? Or consider how the cost of using cloud computing continues to drop.

Along with technology becoming more affordable, you also have to consider that technology allows the often cash-strapped small business owner to actually reduce costs in almost every area of his/her business.

With the right low-cost technology solutions, small business owners can reach more potential clients, create more products and services, and serve their customers better than ever before — all at a reduced cost.

For more on using technology to reduce business costs, start with this article I wrote for that outlines 12 low-cost technology solutions for small business. Then, visit two of my favorite small business technology resources: and Inc Technology.

How do you use low-cost technology in your business?

Image credit: MaxCarnage