By Kyle Courtright

They say time is money. As a small business owner you most likely find yourself wearing many different hats. Accountant, tax specialist, sales person…the list goes on. So, when you need a logo design (or redesign) for your business, it’s important to save as much time as possible but also end up with an effective and quality logo to brand your business effectively.

Here are 5 time-saving resources for your logo design project.

The Small Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

This is a guide that I wrote specifically to help the small business owner navigate the logo design process. The guide covers everything from choosing the right logo designer that best fits your needs to learning about what type of design files you will need moving forward. Understanding the process will make the whole experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

Logo Design Inspiration Generator Tool

If your not sure what you would like your logo to look like, this is a great place to start! You can select the types of styles and colors that you are drawn to and the logo design inspiration generator tool will show logos that match your selections. This helpful tool will help to give you and your logo designer quick, targeted direction so your logo will more closely align with your brand.

Coolors Color Scheme Tool

Color plays a huge role in branding, and if you aren’t sure what color scheme you would like for your logo Coolors is a great resource for helping you figure out a color palette. It’s easy to use and knowing the colors you would like to use for your logo will save you and your designer a lot of time when going through the design process.

Logo Lounge Trend Reports

Still looking for inspiration? Try Logo Lounge. Their trend reports are used by both small business owners’ and designers alike as you can see more modern approaches to logo design that stand the test of time.


Designspiration is another great resource to see massive amounts of high-quality logos! Sometimes it can be tough to communicate your goals for the logo just through words. Showing your designer images you’re drawn to will allow them to get a better feel for what you enjoy before the project begins. Trust me, as a designer, informed clients with a strong idea of what they want can be a big timesaver.

Summing up, the more informed you are the more time you are able to save. Make sure you don’t become too concerned with saving time that you lose sight of the goal. Creating an effective and memorable logo design will take time. Work to make the process efficient, not quick. You want a logo that will stand the test of time and will be a good investment for your company.

What are some of time-saving resources you are using?