By Alyssa Gregory

On April 14, LinkedIn will be removing the Products & Services tab from all Company pages. See the screenshot from Ford’s page to see the placement of the tab currently:


The removal of the Products & Services tab seems to be a way to move brands toward Showcase Pages, which were released in November 2013. Showcase Pages, which are extension of Company Pages, are designed to provide the same benefits as the Products & Services tab, just on a larger scale — spotlighting a brand, business unit, or specific product/service. The screenshot below shows an example of a Showcase Page:


In LinkedIn’s official announcement of the removal of the Products & Services tab, they also suggested that brands use company updates to promote products and services because they: 1) appear on the Company Page as well as followers’ feeds, 2) can include photos and videos, and 3) are real-time.

James Potter has some useful tips on how to prepare for the removal on April 14, including copying your product/service text before it’s deleted, copying recommendations attached to your products and services, and replying to commenters asking them to transfer their recommendations to someone within the business so they remain intact.

Do you use LinkedIn Company Pages? What are your thoughts on this change?