LinkedIn Company pages are an inexpensive way for smaller companies to increase their visibility online. The only things you need to get started are a company name and email address.

Once your page is up and running, follow these guidelines for encouraging other LinkedIn users and your employees to interact with your brand.

1. Publish your company’s career information.

This part of the LinkedIn company page is available if you pay for it. But it might be worth the expense. Job opportunities are one of the best ways you can capture the attention of professionals and earn more followers. Plus, the added exposure will help you recruit from a broader, more qualified pool of talent.

2. Give your company summary description a little extra punch.

Write a summary that goes beyond the basics of your company name and what you sell. Use this valuable real estate in the About Us section as an opportunity to express your brand voice and show off your company culture with LinkedIn members.

3. Use an attractive cover photo.

The cover image is the first thing LinkedIn visitors will notice when they visit your company page. Your image needs to fit the space (646 x 220 px). Images that are stretched or skewed make you look bad. Just don’t do it.

4. Add your products and services.

The products and services tab is an absolute must. Use it to share descriptions and images of your products and services as well as drop links so visitors know where to purchase them. This is your opportunity to use LinkedIn to close a sale, so write product descriptions that highlight the benefits of your offerings, not the features.

5.  Promote your LinkedIn company page.

Ask your employees, family, friends, and colleagues to follow your company page. You can also embed a follow button on your website to make it easy for others to connect with your company page. Employees who list your company in their profile and follow your page will appear as employees on your company page, too.

6. Ask for reviews.

Social proof is an important marketing tool for small businesses. By asking your customers to leave reviews of your products and services, you can offer proof to new leads that your business is all you say it is and more. Written testimonials are worth their weight in gold, so don’t wait around for customers to volunteer a review — ask them for one!

7. Update your page with consistently fresh, relevant content.

Nothing says lame like an abandoned company page without fresh content. Create entertaining and useful content that captures your audience’s attention.  Make use of target updates for segmenting your audience, and don’t forget to set featured updates to draw attention to special events, sales, and other important updates.

Using company pages isn’t difficult. After all, a lot of the same content rules that apply to blogging and social media apply to using LinkedIn company pages.

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