Today, July 7, is Tell the Truth Day. In honor of this day, let’s cut the B.S. and be honest. The life of an entrepreneur may seem glamorous and rich to those on the outside. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and taking an honest look at what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur. The good, the bad and the ugly. And we’re telling the truth.

As entrepreneurs, we are not normal people. We do not follow the safe and secure route. We are constantly pushing limits, breaking rules and doing what we want because we have a gut feeling it might work out in the end. We like to take risks, and believe our risks will come with success and happiness.

Let’s tell the truth:
Sometimes we make stupid decisions, invest in the wrong things and leap before looking ahead. And we fall. And it hurts. Bad. Sometimes, we can’t recover and our dreams are shattered.

As entrepreneurs, we are passionate. We know how to envision success, outline a plan for reaching it and go for the big reward. We are determined, driven and pretty darn stubborn about reaching success. We don’t take no for an answer; we fight the good fight.

Let’s tell the truth: We are susceptible to letting our passions cloud our objectivity. We know what we want and, sometimes, we get tunnel vision. This doesn’t help us reach our goals, but closes off the power of new thoughts, ideas and information. Our growth slows, and eventually, stops. We become complacent, and it can be a tremendous challenge to kickstart the progress again.

As entrepreneurs, we like to call our own shots. We will not be told by some boss what our day should look like, what we need to do and what our priorities should be. This is our show, and we will answer to no one.

Let’s tell the truth: There are thousands of us (entrepreneurs) who have succumbed to the peer pressure to have a “real” job, and are giving up on dreams for fear of what may happen if we fail. Maybe we have felt the pressure and necessity to keep our “real” job while working non-stop to try to get a side business going so we can eventually do it full-time. But we can’t give our businesses the attention they need while working for someone else. And we can’t stop working for someone else until our businesses provide the income we need to survive. And around and around and around we go.

So, how do you overcome the hard truths of entrepreneurship and make your story one of success? You limit the interactions you have with people who just don’t get who and what you are. You do your research and make sure the risks you take are smart, measured and worth it. You create a Plan B to cushion the pain if you fall. And work your ass off to do what you do better than anyone else can do it.

You also surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who can share in your passion while tempering the reckless abandon that is so common in a blindly passionate entrepreneur. You join networks like the Small Business Bonfire that provide you with opportunities to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs that are fighting the noble battle of owning their own businesses, and succeeding beyond what they ever thought was possible.

You stay true to who you are. You stay proud of who you are. Even when faced with the cold, hard truth and the pain that can come from being who you are…an entrepreneur. You tell yourself the truth, and you keep going anyway.

Image credit: firebrandphotography