By Laura Hollington

Today people live their lives on social networks and their online profiles. This way of life is criticized a lot because we are slowly neglecting real people and face-to-face interactions. However, there are some positive sides, as social media is connecting people, and because we are not limited by geographical boundaries, it is possible to find people around the world with same interests as ours.

Another benefit that comes out of it is social media marketing, where business owners, both small and well established, can easily and at minimal expense promote their products. There are also opportunities for freelance writers who are trying to make their way into the world. If you are one of them, there are a couple of tips that can help you get started. So once you present yourself as an expert for a certain domain, learn how to pitch your idea, and get rid of that fear of self-publishing, all you have to do is sit down and just write it the way you imagined it. And where can you actually do it?


The most important thing is to choose the right one. Even if you are a beginner, and nobody has heard of you, that does not mean that you cannot go for highly trafficked blogs. Among millions of viewers, there are going to be people who will like you and your post, and share it with their own friends and contacts.


It is quite different from other social media channels, as it is strictly business-related. So if you are in for it for the long haul, this is the right place to root and branch, as there are many freelance companies looking for someone just like you. What you have to do is set up a profile, write what your qualifications are, and update your status at least once a week and say who and what you are looking for to recruit you.


It is quite hard to promote yourself on Twitter, as you are allowed only 140 characters in a post, but what you can do is find people who might seem as potential clients, and follow them. You can comment on their posts and contact them, and be 100 percent sure that you will get a response from them.


With Facebook, there are numerous options, but probably the best one is to set up a profile, or your own page, where you can put all the information about you. You can also search for potential clients, or businesses, learn as much as you can about them, and do not be afraid to contact them if you feel that they might be in need for your services.


Many people neglect YouTube for marketing, and consider music channel, but it actually offers one of the best marketing possibilities for freelancers – visual portfolio. This way you make it more personal, and you can even create somewhat of a how-to video that will help your prospects.

In the end, remember that it is not enough just to appear on a blog or a social network, but you also need to activate yourself, and put some effort to it. Start searching, make friends, and bring your best foot forward, especially for your début text, as it is the one that will attract more people, and make them want to share it, and eventually popularize you.