We all know using social media as a marketing tool is a smart and affordable way for small business owners to spread their message to a broad audience.  Like everything, handling your social media networks in a productive manner can be time consuming, and since small business owners are already pressed for time, it is important to make sure the networks you are focusing on right for your business. Spending time on social networks that aren’t frequented by your audience is a waste of valuable time, however smart usage of these networks can prove very beneficial for their marketing.

Before creating a profile on any social network, the business owner needs to be clear on why they’re joining that network in the first place.  Each social network appeals to a different demographic and a smart small business owner will spend their time wisely by targeting the networks most widely used by their target audience.

With so many networks to choose from, how does a business owner know where to begin? Alyssa can help with that, this week she offered some tips on U.S. Bank Connect for choosing the right social network for your small business with a detailed description of each of the popular networks and how best to get started on the network.

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