Last month, I reviewed Social Report on Social Report is a social data management and analysis tool that helps you track data from all of your social accounts, networks, websites, short links and blogs. It’s an interesting service that provides an amazing depth of information. The SitePoint post goes into detail about some of the functionality available.

One new feature of that I have been playing around with is called social conversation discovery. It’s kind of like a blog tag cloud except it pulls data from ALL of your networks to create a listing of the trending or most frequently appearing data.

This is useful for anyone who is active on multiple social media sites. Think about your social media process. If you’re on more than one network, you probably use some kind of system for checking in, updating, tracking and connecting. Social media dashboards like HootSuite and TweetDeck are awesome for tracking conversations that are directed at you or specific keywords. But what about the information you would like to see that isn’t directed at you and doesn’t include one of your tracked keywords?

It’s impossible to be “on” all the time, especially if you have substantially large networks (i.e. a lot of friends and followers). Social media moves fast, so there is certainly information you may be interested in that is falling through the cracks. This is where Social Report’s discovery tool comes in.

Social Report describes this functionality as “social cliffs notes:”

…a well built index of your social messages, grouped and categorized by geography, language, people, product, company, topic … all you need to do is to check up on topic of interest and find all conversations that took place around it.

Here’s an example of what the discovery tab in your Social Report account looks like:

[image img=”” alt=”Social Report” title=”social report” width=”590″ height=”527″ rounded=”all”/]

In your account, you can click on any of the terms shown and be brought to a list of all of the references to that term, across all networks, in one place. The best part is, once you sign up for a Social Report account and add your networks, it will automatically download and analyze all of your social chatter.

Do you use any kind of social media conversation tool to help you capture all of the “stuff” you miss?

Note: This functionality is available only with professional accounts. You can see the other features and pricing options here.