By Dwayne Charrington

“We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing.”Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

The last few decades have seen game-changing technologies coming up and changing the concept of running a business. It has brought with it innovative ways to carry out activities in ways that have increased productivity and taken customer experience to a whole new level. 

The new-age customer seeks solutions to every query on the internet. No longer are customers physically going to customer support teams to get answers to their questions.

Everything is digitized, even customer support. There are several tools that are available online that aim to solely make customer support easy, and the best tool yet for this specific requirement is a help desk software.

Before we get into the details of how businesses have started leveraging this tool, let’s cover the basics.

What is Help Desk Software?

Help desk management software can be easily explained as a one-stop solution for providing customer support and handling all the internal as well as the external queries of the organization.

It is managed by a team of fully trained employees who are experts in their fields who provide customer support in real-time.

Leveraging Help Desk Software For Small Business: 5 Ways Business Are Doing It Right

Help desk software for small business is an emerging trend that almost all businesses are adopting because it is giving an added boost to the productivity of these businesses. Let’s see how.

1. Ticket Management

Managing multiple customer tickets is excruciating. Imagine having multiple customers connecting with you for a solution to their problem and every single one of them needs immediate attention.

How would you answer everyone’s question at the earliest, ensuring every customer gets an accurate reply?

The answer is – help desk software. This tool comes with a number of features that make ticket management not only easy, but worthy as well. The best help desk software come with features like:

  • Round Robin Assignment
  • Filters
  • Shared Inbox
  • Labels
  • Priorities

Takeaway: Always check the features offered by a help desk software before finalizing in on one. Make sure it comes with the features mentioned above to enjoy seamless ticket management.

2. Better Customer Experience

A satisfied customer is critical to any successful business. Why?

Well, businesses with delightful customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue as compared to their competitors who fail to offer good customer experience. Interesting, isn’t it?

While that’s an established fact, it still becomes difficult to cater to every customer’s needs at all times. Especially in the world of technology, when customers are searching for every solution online. Help desk software comes to the rescue, for that matter. A help desk software helps businesses:

  • Answer customer questions instantly and accurately
  • Split complex customer questions into child tickets and ensure specialized agents work on solving the issue
  • Follow up with your customers and ask for their feedback
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and see where your support team can improve

This tool comes with all the features needed not only to improve customer experience but also ensure customer retention and delight.

Takeaway: Make sure you know and utilize the features that a help desk software offers to improve your customer’s experience.

3. Efficient Data Management & Decision Making

Growing companies have a very dynamic management system that is constantly changing according to the opportunities and risks present in the market. To understand and keep up with that, they require constant access to data and market insights.

What is the strongest solution for that?  It is help desk management software. The software provides useful insights and information about the support provided to the customers and in what areas.

And it does not end there; it is an excellent source to gain knowledge about the productivity of customer service staff, unresolved customer needs, new business opportunities, etc.

Takeaway: Manage all your customer-related data on one platform. With a robust tool, you will easily know if a recurring customer comes to you with a new issue. All customer data is stored in a database for efficient customer management.

4. Track Productivity of Employees

In this fast-paced world, productivity is the key ingredient for the businesses to remain in the top game. For example, Harvard reported that sleep deprivation in employees cost companies almost $65 billion every year!

For this, businesses need to track and monitor their employee’s performances to make sure that they don’t lag, and thus hindering the growth of the company.

Help-desk software is the exact solution to this situation. It keeps track of every employee’s performance and provides useful insights on their productivity.

How? With powerful reporting. You can generate insightful reports and check:

  • Agent ratings
  • Average response time
  • Average resolution time

Takeaway: Ensure all reports are thoroughly analyzed, and every point is noted. Every agent must be trained in the aspect they need to improve. Deliver delightful customer support with help desk software for small business.

5. Self-Help Training Modules

Growth is dependent on productivity, which is dependent on the expertise level of the individual in a particular area. It becomes necessary for the businesses to follow this cycle, and that is the lowest in the ladder, which needs to be given the most attention. This refers to the expertise level of the employees.

To achieve that, helpdesk management software like ProProfs Help Desk or Freshservice, provides online training modules to train the agents to enhance their performance. It’s a

Takeaway: Pay heed to the integrations offered by help desk tools. This helps you cater to several verticals when it comes to customer support using only one software.

Every business nowadays is looking for a convenient means to give out all-round customer experience,  and help desk software brings exactly that to your table. This concept can boost your business’s productivity at rocket speed and help you gain a stronger and lasting customer base too.