Small business owners who work from home and do most of their business online face a common challenge: to share or not to share their home address. For those that feel a bit leery giving out their home address, your options are limited. You can get a P.O. box or not share an address at all. I have done both, and while I don’t think it matters in many situations, each option has the potential to give the wrong impression.

Consider, for example, the contact page on your website. Having no address takes away some of your approachability, can introduce trust issues, and may make potential clients have a difficult time viewing you as a “real” person. A P.O. box basically screams, “I work from home,” and that can be a deterrent for new clients, too.

There are other options such as renting mail space at a local physical location, or using a virtual office address that then forwards mail to you. But those options have their own drawbacks.

So I ask you, my fellow home-based business owners: Do you share your address? What type of address do you use, and do you think it impacts how potential clients view your business?

Image credit: lizerixt