At the Bonfire, we’re pretty big on providing useful tools that help readers not only get the information they need, but actually do something with that information. Don’t get me wrong, information is key, but sometimes the leap from knowing what you need to do and being able to execute it is enormous. So we often create downloads that make the implementation process a little bit easier.

Here are four free downloads we currently have on the blog. There is no opt-in or verification process in place. You can just click the download links on each page to start using the files immediately.


Sample Marketing Plan Template

This template was originally created as a one-page marketing plan for the Small Business Bonfire. It’s been updated a bit, but it’s still a streamlined and action-focused marketing plan template that should give you a great start. Download the marketing plan template here.

Action Plan Template

Whether you’re working on executing the goals your outlined in your marketing plan, business plan, or growth plan, being able to identify individual action steps is vital. This action plan template helps you create bite-sized action items that you can knock off one-by-one to get closer to reaching your goals. Download the action plan template here.

2013 Marketing Calendar Download

We’re plugging right along in 2013, but there is still plenty of time left to try something new with marketing. This 36-page marketing calendar and planner includes all of the holidays you already know and love, as well as some more obscure holidays that you can use in your marketing campaigns. Download the marketing calendar here.

The Self-Employed Resume Template

You may have thought that your resume days were over when you started your business. While that may be true in some cases, there are times when you may find that you do need a resume to outline your background and experience. This template provides the framework to get you started. Download the self-employed resume template here.

If you find the downloads useful, please pass on the links and share with your network.


Image credit: arinas74