A few weeks ago, when I wrote “How Bad Do You Want It,” I received a lot of messages from readers, telling me that it was just the push they needed to move forward with their businesses. A few readers told me it was a wake up call, and that it really helped them get motivated.

But a question came up that really hit home with me. One person said, “You are dead on with that post, and I’m working my butt off. My problem is getting all of the planning done and keeping track of everything. It’s just overwhelming.”

I bet many of you have this problem. I know I do when I don’t take the time to methodically outline a specific plan. I flounder around from one task to the next with no focus or direction. Unfortunately, the logistical part of starting a business is often forgotten, simply because there is so much to do and you are so excited to just get started. Who wants to deal with the boring details when there are so many bigger things on the horizon?

It’s so important to set goals and create your plans (business plan and marketing plan, in particular). But if you don’t back up the planning process with a specific action list, how can you expect yourself to get everything completed and do it efficiently? You need to break it down, step-by-step. And I always use an action plan to do this.

A good action plan will let you take everything you outlined in all of your business planning steps, and create bite-sized action items you can knock off one-by-one. It’s not only organized in a way that helps you keep track and make progress, but it also can be motivating because it allows you to build momentum.

If this sounds like something you need, then grab your copy of the Action Plan Template provided below (free, no opt-in required). This is taken directly from our Small Business Kickstart Kit, so if you need to back up and fine tune your business goals, business plan, marketing plan and other fundamentals of your business, you’ll want to grab a copy of that, too.

Click to download the free Action Plan Template, Word document: 
Action Plan Template (doc)

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