By Emily Suess

Whether you’re an Etsy shop owner looking for ways to increase sales or you’re planning to open your own Etsy shop in the near future, these 12 tips will help you with everything from product selection and marketing to packaging and photography.

1. Stock your store with similar products.

It’s hard to choose a name for your business and build a brand if you offer everything under the sun. Selling similar products with slightly varied designs makes you more memorable. (It also makes it easier to write copy and optimize your store for search!)

2. Set competitive prices.

Find out what others store owners charge for similar products and price your items accordingly. It’s fine to charge more; just make sure you tell shoppers why your products are worth it.

3. Provide outstanding customer service.

Excellent customer service is vital! Stay on top of any questions customers have before ordering, and work to resolve complaints or problems ASAP. 

4. Optimize your listings for search.

Write descriptions based on what shoppers are most likely to look for. If you sell custom purses, for example, include related words such as bags, handbags, accessories, totes, and clutches in your product and store descriptions.

5. Make packages appealing.

Send your items in appealing product packaging. They’ll get noticed, make your brand more memorable, and make ordering from you more fun.

6. Offer samples to bloggers.

Work with bloggers to get your products reviewed. The extra exposure can help you find new customers.

7. Use social media effectively.

Instead of posting about your store on every platform imaginable, pick one or two platforms that are well suited to your business. Image-centric sites like Facebook and Instagram are two good choices. 

8. Post breathtaking photos.

Whether you’re using them on Etsy or sharing them on social networks, high-quality photos are a must. If you add prices, URLs, or text to photos used on social media, be sure they don’t detract from the product itself.

9. Tell your story.

Do you have an interesting story to tell about starting your shop or creating your handmade products? Share it!

10. Know your audience.

Do your products appeal to new moms? Comic book nerds? Teachers? Scientists? Artists? Use what you know about your target audience to market more effectively. Frequent the social sites your audience frequents and write product descriptions just for them. Don’t waste time trying to win over shoppers with little or no interest in what you sell.

11. Take advantage of Etsy’s seller resources.

Etsy is successful when its individual resellers are successful, so they want you to do well. Read the seller handbook and participate in Etsy community discussions for tips and advice.

12. Offer to customize products.

Custom items are a big draw for shoppers browsing Etsy listings. Avoid the urge to make dozens of products ahead of time. Instead, offer a prototype and give customers the option to include names, dates, custom colors, and customer patterns whenever possible.


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